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Happy Monday!  Isn't the above bedroom so cheerful?  I believe it's by Tobi Fairley, but I couldn't find the source from the blog.  

So in general, my week theoretically should go something like this:
1) Family
2) Clients
3) My own house
3) Blog
But sometimes the order of these gets all jumbled.  Sometimes other factors come into play...like my childcare provider's dad getting cancer, school gets cancelled, and a kiddo or myself gets sick.  So although I had plenty of blogging material last week and promised a recap from House Hunters, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.  

Do you ever have a moment where you look at a room in your house you've been putting off, and then you just can't stand to look at it for one more second?  That happened to me on Friday...also known as "snow day".  :-)  We have not touched any bedrooms since we moved into our house last Easter.  We have only added lights to the ceiling but no paint, no new furniture, nada.  I'll spare you all the details why, but let me just say that a 70's intercom system is involved.  But Friday, I found a gallon of white paint in our basement from the previous owners and got busy.  That led to a weekend of constant painting.  Our guest bedroom now has a whole new look.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Here's a hint at what I did...

                                                                                      Source: google.com via Abby on Pinterest

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No childcare again today, so I'm off to give my toddler some lovin'.  Thank you for your understanding. This is a business to me, but it's also real life.  Thank you for still reading and hanging with me! 

P.S.  I've gotten some interesting questions/feedback on the House Hunters episode.  If you have a question, leave it in the comment section and I'll answer it in my recap!


  1. I saw some of the coral pins this weekend and was hoping you were up to something good with them! Looking forward to seeing the new room!

  2. Oooh, I can't wait to see pics. Cute post! :)

  3. Anxious to see your update! That color is screaming fresh and springy!

  4. Oh I can't wait to see what you did - such inspiring pictures in the post! I love that you are blogging about keeping it real.

  5. Oh I love coral and Im excited to see what you've been up to :)

  6. I'm guessing there's some coral tangerine colour happening over there! I know what you mean about rooms just sitting undone. It's funny how the best intentions at the beginning get pushed aside when real life gets in the way.

  7. I took the day off to get some things done around the house, but I'm thinking about every room in our house that isn't "done" yet and it's driving me crazy. And of course it's Monday so it's so hard to get started and motivated. I can't wait to see what you ended up doing in the guest room. From these images you provided I'm thinking it will be bright and cheery with lots of coral involved. I was pleasantly surprised by the HH episode with your clients. They seemed very down-to-earth and I thought the homes that they had to choose from had great potential. The room looked great too! I'm anxious to see more of their home as you work with them.

  8. I get that "can't stand this room another minute" feeling all the time. Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve.

  9. I like the teaser! Can't wait to see some pictures of the guest room!

  10. I love all the coral...feels so springy!

  11. I have been LOVING some shades of coral lately - Adobe Dust is also on my radar. Can't wait to see what you have done!

  12. Can't wait to see what you've been up to with all that yummy orange!

  13. You are killing me with those images.....I need that color in my house somewhere. Can't wait to see what you did. And...no worries...take your time...we like the suspense! Besides your family should always come first:)

  14. Loving all of those pics!! And totally understandable about things getting out of balance.. happens to the best of us!

  15. I love every single one of those inspiration pics. Cannot WAIT to see your end result!!

  16. Whoooooah! I am seriously loving all of these images! What a terrific color combo! Amaaaazing!!

  17. ps..so sorry for the sicknesses going around and for your caregivers dad passing away :( I'm sure it's been a rough couple days. I'll send a little prayer for you and their family too ;)

  18. There's nothing like a great before and after post!



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