client progress: walk-out basement

Hi friends!  You said that you do enjoy my posts about client progress--so I'm back at it.  :-)  I went to Marin's house yesterday for a one-hour consultation {that's another post}. She was kind enough to let me take a few pictures of the progress they've made on a design plan I developed for her in June.

  Before we jump in, let me remind you that this is real life.  My clients have families and jobs, and these projects can take time to complete.  I think the room is coming along wonderfully and I hope you do to.  

If you were reading my blog back in June, you may
 remember this before picture.

They have since added a ceiling, painted, installed trim, crafted built-in cabinets, installed carpet, and sewed window treatments.  We chose a Martha Stewart carpet and it's amazing in person: so soft and cushy.  

The shape of these shelves from Trad Home was our inspiration.  I gave Marin a drawing (to scale) of how to build the shelves and her Father in-law has finished the bottom section.  Next will be the top. 
 I just love the curve, don't you?
This picture is taken from the play side of the room. 

Again, this furniture is not staying. Two English armed sofas in a soft charcoal with a slipcovered chair will fill the space.  See the kitchen area off to the right?  Yeah, they're building that themselves too.  Amazing.  I wonder if it's too late for my hubby to quit the banking world and learn to be a contractor?  ;-)
I think they did a great job of incorporating the pole into the room.  

This is the fabric used to make the drapes.  As a courtesy to my clients, I don't typically share sources, but I know Marin won't mind if I share just one.  This fabric by Dwell Studio looks so pretty in person and is a great price.  {Marin, if you're reading this, I think these windows may need the same shades that are in your kitchen.}

Their lower level doesn't quite look like the design plan...YET.

But this is real life, not and 30 minute show on HGTV.  They've had a their 3rd baby boy, both work full time, and are doing all the work themselves. 
 I know Marin will make it beautiful!  

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  1. The built in are going to be great! He has done a beautiful job and the hardware is very nice!

  2. Coming along beautifully! Looking forward to seeing all the finishing details in place.

  3. Looks amazing! All that from a one hour consult??

  4. This progress is *not* from the one hour consult. ;-) That was just poor writing on my part and have since edited the post. This progress is from a design plan I developed for them in June. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. I would never leave that basement, it is on it's way to awesome! Great plan, excellent execution!

  6. The progress looks great, Abby. I just posted a "real life" post today too. Thanks, HGTV, for setting everyone's expectations so high. ha!

  7. Wow! It's really coming along! I love how they are building all of that themselves!

    1. Actually, they are so cool they built the WHOLE HOUSE themselves.

  8. It's a beautiful and light-filled basement - gorgeous! I was actually considering that Dwell Studio fabric for a project as well. It's nice to see it in this space and how pretty it is in draperies. Those built-ins are coming along nicely.

  9. They are doing a great job with all your inspiration. Wow!

  10. Looking great! I especially love the drapes and built-ins! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. Totally impressive, Abby. What a plan. Seriously. The built-in wall is great and kudos to you for leading the way on that for them. Gotta love DIY'ers. Just gorgeous.

  12. I would imagine that the waiting is the hardest part of a design job like this! I'm an instant gratification kind of gal, waiting is the pits! (c:

  13. Looking very forward to seeing it all done...I know from living through a reno that it certainly doesn't happen overnight...makes the after that much more satisfying though:)

  14. OMG it's stunning!! Great job! I love the builtins

  15. oh man, I love this family....great taste and effort.

  16. Like ur blogg :)


  17. Thanks so much, Abby! I have loved working with you and wish you could come over monthly for inspiration! (-: We are looking forward to having the basement look like your vision some time soon!

  18. Progress indeed, it's coming along beautifully. The built-in are going to be stunning...as is everything else when it's finished.

  19. What a great space! I've always loved walkout basements and theirs will be stunning :)

  20. It's always fun to see the results of a design plan come together. The moodboard looks great so I'm sure they'll be happy. I just read a couple of weeks worth of your posts and love your blog!

  21. I do love the built-in cabinets and the arch for the top half!


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