my obsession with brass and a sale

I love brass in the home.

That love of brass translates right over to fashion.
After years of wearing my favorite, black, Patagonia fleece, I finally bought a proper winter coat.  
When it's less than 14 degrees, a girl has got to dress for the weather!

Isn't this coat fabulous?  
At least my kids will see me coming in the snow!  ;-)

Land's End sells this coat for $169.50, 
but right now it's on sale for $84.99!

If you're not into brass, they offer two more colors.

I'm nearly finished with my DIY but ran out of shims.  Ugh!  I'm also working on three large projects for new clients.  Stay warm, my friends, and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Très Chic coat, can't wait to see the mirror. Are you having a piece of glass cut for it?

  2. I am obsessed with brass lately as well. Love the bar cart, the glasses and the winter jacket. I have been wanting a brass colored winter coat since I saw a woman wearing it two years ago. It's not easy to find one in that color with the cut I like. Great find at Land's End!

    Happy weekend, Abby!


  3. Okay, I need that brass coat. Like now. Send it over :)

  4. Cute coat! I devoured the Lands End catalog around the holidays and I don't remember that coat. I've actually had my eye on a longer coat by Patagonia but I haven't sealed the deal yet. Take a pic when you are sporting your new coat! Looking forward to hearing about your new projects - I've started helping a few friends and it is a learning experience that's for sure. But a blast too. Have a great weekend Abby!

  5. Everything is just fabulous! That is the most gorgeous faucet! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  6. Cute coat! But for me to stay warm here in Chicago I need something longer that covers my butt.
    I love brass also. I've used Rub-n-Buff to give some of my old things a new look of aged brass.

  7. i am dying for that fireplace screen... any details you can give me on where to find it?!? an admiring abby


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