"lessons my cottage has taught me"

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Thankfully, I have had wonderful clients.  But once in a great while one comes along that blows me away.  She recently hired me to help her design her dream cottage.  She has had to start from scratch and gut the entire space.  Now, I have the privilege of working with her to make it amazing.

She had driven by this home, on the river, many times years ago, and now it is hers to restore.  After two years of work, she started a binder of inspiration.  
Thankfully, she passed her binder along to me to get an idea of her style.  
The very first page said this:

How did I get so lucky?

Which line is your favorite?


  1. Inspiring! And a very smart client who appreciates and knows what she wants. Looking forward to the progress.

  2. Oooh...fun job for you, Abby! My fav. line is definitely the last one. Good advice for us all!

  3. Lucky you! Looks like a great client who appreciates getting expert advice to reach her dream. Have fun, can't wait to follow along!

  4. There is nothing I love more than renovation, particularly a historic home! Smart client, and the first quote is the one that speaks to me the most!

  5. I can see those lessons in a frame somewhere very visible in the new cottage!

  6. Great lessons. Love that "be flexible" line. This is definitely frame worthy.

  7. Truly, I love every line and how generous that she let you share it for all your readers' inspiration! Can you ask her if I can clone her as a client of my own? There is no doubt this is going to be a rewarding project for everyone involved. I'd wish you luck with it but I know you don't need it. Your client is lucky, too.

  8. Thats fantastic - my line will probably be 'dont hang around people who say it can't be done' - this is so true often we have a dream and other people can bring that down. Keep on dreaming I say :)

  9. "don't hang around people who say it can't be done.." wise woman :) Interesting way to start a consult!

  10. All the lines are great but the last one is the best! Why do some people have to be such negative Nellies?


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