my clients are painting cabinets!

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I love a kitchen with painted cabinets.  Many times we chose white or grey.  
But what about blue cabinets?

Believe it or not, I found the image of the kitchen above after we planned to do the 
exact same colors for Julie' kitchen.  I couldn't believe it!  Pinterest is good for so many things. 
 (Let me know if you need an invite!)

Julie moves in tomorrow, and has been working like crazy to get her paint on!
It's not totally obvious in these photos, but her counters actually have quite a bit of blue flecks in them.  So we painted the upper cabinets the same white as the walls, and went with a deep, slate blue on the bottom.

I have another wonderful client who bought a cottage on a lake that was slightly dated. :-)

The cottage came fully furnished.  
I'm pretty sure this picture was taken before they got possession.

All the cabinets are being painted Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore.

I'm so excited for the real "after shots" of these that I can hardly stand it.

Would you paint your cabinets a shade of blue?

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  1. I was actually JUST talking to Brian about painting our master bathroom vanity slate blue. He was sold! Woo hoo!

  2. I totally would! I love the slate blue. There's something about painted cabinets that is so elegant to me. Two very beautiful kitchens in progress....

  3. I loved that Rachel Halverson kitchen from the moment I saw it! And the Glass Slipper option looks dreamy! Keep us posted and Happy New Year, Abby!

  4. Yes, I would definitely paint my cabinets blue. I'd probably lean more toward the slate color that Julie is using rather than the lighter color. I can't wait to see the updates either - they are going to be great!

  5. Love this! That first kitchen is looking so much better already. I was doing white on the top and green on the bottom with a client, but she reverted back to all white. Boo.

  6. Kudos to you -- nothing like being validated by a great image done by someone else!! I would love that :) I would absolutely paint my cabinets a dark blue. It's classic. Never goes out of style or trend. It's one of those colors that you look at and wonder when it was done. It isn't defined by trend. Love it!

  7. Absolutely. Just helped a friend pick out blue for her cabinets in the laundry room.

  8. I'm pretty sure I'm a fan of color no matter what...I have a hot pink kitchen in my dream home file, so um, I think that's a pretty definite "yes"!! (c: Have a great weekend, my dear!

  9. WOW.....what a difference! And that Glass Slipper is right up my alley.......a beautiful color!

  10. I just painted our bathroom vanity navy blue. I love it!

  11. Yes! I had a inky blue island once. Now, my island and the interiors of glass front cabinet are a blueish green gray.
    Your client's kitchen is looking great.

  12. Cute Abby! I did gray/blue lower cabinets and white upper last fall! Love it. Grounds the whole room. Should have painted them years ago!

  13. I would totally paint cabinets blue! You have the best eye for choosing paint!!

  14. Our bedroom is a navy from Farrow and Ball and i love it so much that I'm considering painting the kitchen cabinets the same in glossy. We probably won't, though. We'll probably go with matte black. But I'll secretly always wish they were blue.

  15. I love a deep slate blue in a sunny south facing kitchen :)


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