Introducing "House and Home Defined"

Have you met my friend Carol from House and Home Defined?  We have different styles and we live in different states. She's been "in the business" for thirteen years and I have been doing this for one.
For all practical purposes, we would never have become friends.  But the bloggy world is strange that way.  You never know who will become part of your community.

She recently started a new blog, and you need
 to check out her work!

Her client wanted "southwestern traditional."  Not easy, but Carol pulled it off!

 Her gorgeous Christmas tablescape.

One of her strengths is knowing exactly what to do with tricky windows.

 Pretty?  Yes?

Love that cornice board and chocolate walls.

I really wish this sofa was in my house!

I hope you click here and add House and Home Defined to your reading list!

I've been sanding wood shims this week.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it.  All for a D.I.Y. that I hope to share with you soon! xo


  1. Abby! That is so incredibly nice of you. I'm so thankful for this blog world to have met you and now call you friend. xx

  2. Abby thank you for featuring Carol, she is so talented!! I love her window treatments and the styling of the family room!

    All the Best!

    Art by Karena

  3. Love that sofa! Checking out Carol's blog.

  4. That is awesome and what a good friend you are to introduce her! The blog world is so awesome (c:


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