H.'s nursery

I know I've shared my ideas on all the changes I want to make to H.'s room, but I never showed pictures of how it looks now.  I knew when we moved into this house that it wouldn't be a nursery for long, so I never went full force styling the room.  I bought two pieces that I absolutely love from the Allegan Antiques Market, but the rest was what we had.  He turns two this weekend and we'll soon be taking down the crib
 and bringing in two twin beds.

This is what it looked like when we moved in:

This is the only room that doesn't have white trim.  There was no art on the walls, and no light in the ceiling.

I found this drum shade at the antiques market for $15 and had our lighting store turn it into a pendant.  

I also snatched this oil painting from the antiques market.  I love how playful and vintage it feels.  Both the light and painting will stay.

This rocker is still one of the best decisions I made as a hormonal pregnant momma.  :-)  I may not keep it in the room...we'll see.  I had to remove the bumper because he was using it as a pillow and 
it was so mis-shapen.  

He needs a much better system for storing his books!

He has white wood blinds, but clearly needs a window treatment.  I put two travel posters on his wall, only because the colors were right and we had them around.  But now you know what it looks like...for a time.  :-)  

If you missed my vision for his big boy room, click here.

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  1. I think it's Pottery Barn Kids that has a bookshelf that attaches to the wall. I have seen it in houses and it looks great! Just an idea.

  2. I can't wait to see how you transform this space! And I love the painting of the children playing!

  3. Random question, Abby...do you still love the paint color or do you find yourself getting tired of it? I'm considering something similar for my daughter's room and I'm on the fence. I'd love to know your thoughts!

  4. Dana- the room was this color when we bought the house in April, and I still like it. It's very cheerful. That being said, I am changing the wall color when I re-design him room.

  5. This is so cute, but I can't wait to see what you do with it! Making big kids rooms are my favorite projects!

  6. Stop it. You did not by that shade for $15. You have got to be kidding. It is brilliant for his room, and so is that painting. You are something else. Move here and lets be bff's. :)

  7. Love that painting AND the shade! Good finds!

  8. This is great! Giving me lots of great ideas for our little one on the way! ;)

  9. Aw, he's turning 2 this weekend - how are you feeling about that and him being out of a crib soon? I get nostalgic just thinking about my daughter turning 2 this coming August. I don't know that I remember seeing this room but I love the rocker and the vintage posters. The drum shade was such a great find. I love when a little boy's room looks like a boy's room but has character to it which is what I see here. As much as it's probably hard transforming into a big boy room, it also must be a lot of fun and very exciting.

  10. It's such a sweet room, but I can't wait for the big boy version!

    Question about blinds...I love the look of matchstick blinds with drapes, but in a bedroom you really want to be able to make it dark (hence the white blinds we have!) Do you just leave the white blinds and add drapes? Pull the blinds all the way up during the day?

  11. Love that you turned that vintage shade into a pendant! Brilliant! You are getting a good start in his room!


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