DIY capiz shell chandelier {via Pig and Paint}

I met Alison when I lived in LA.  I was there for a college internship and working with at-risk youth.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it! I got involved with a college group at a local church and met Alison through one of our events.  We never became close friends, BUT, it's funny how life works.  
We reconnected ten years later through Facebook and just have loads in common: cooking, design, and our faith.  

Alison is the project queen and recently started blogging about her DIY projects for their newly built home, along with her fabulous cooking adventures.  
Just this week she made a gorgeous capiz shell chandelier:

It's an amazing transformation from this 'builder-basic' light. Can you believe it's the same light, just with more style?  

I know so many of you probably have a light just like this.  Alison does a great job of explaining each step and you don't have to be an expert DIY'er to make it happen.  
Just one more look, because I think it's so amazing.

Just click here for the full tutorial on the capiz shell chandelier.

Her projects don't stop there.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Enjoy your weekend!  It's a snow globe here and I'm hunkered down working while the hubby entertains our boys.  This may be a good day for malted chocolate chip cookies.  Just saying...

One more thing: if we're not connected on Facebook or Twitter
let's be friends!  


  1. Oh my goodness!! THANK YOU!!! I am so flattered, honored, and humbled. You are a sweet, sweet friend and I'm so glad we were able to reconnect! It's been a joy!

  2. What a great idea! It's fun how Facebook reunites us with old friends.

  3. I can't believe she made that...it looks better than a lot of the catalog ones!
    Ps...going to FB friend you now!

  4. That's a great update that she did to that light fixture! And malted chocolate chip cookies sound declicious - enjoy them! It's beautiful here today in PA - we've had the strangest/mildest winter that I can remember.

  5. That is seriously amazing. I didn't believe you at first that someone made that as a DIY. No wonder you are friends -- shared talents! You have snow while we are 56 degrees and sunny here today in Massachusetts. It's nuts. Send me some cookies?

  6. I have always wanted a chapiz chandelier, but they just dont seem to sell them here in Australia. If I could get my hands on these supplies, maybe I could make my own :)


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