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The mudroom is the workhorse of the home.  I would say it's just as important as the kitchen!
Christy, a client from Virginia, recently hired me to help with the finishing pieces of their home.  

We're starting with the mudroom!

The goal for this room was, "durable beauty".  The rug is an indoor/outdoor piece that can be wiped or washed easily.  The green and blue, slightly striped fabric is also an indoor/outdoor fabric to be used for the window seat cushion.  Finally, the label tags on the bottom are to hang from the baskets. The best part is that they can be written on with a chalk pen, then erased when the contents of the baskets change with the seasons.

I would love to walk into this space every time I came home.  
What do you think?  
Does your mudroom or entry function for your family?

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  1. Love the color palette and fabric choices! Oh, and the rug!

  2. I have no mudroom :( I do have a large closet, so the worst of it tucks into that, but the kids backpacks always seem to migrate down the hall, spilling out mittens and thermoses! This is a lovely palette, Abby. I like the idea of the indoor/outdoor carpet for function.

  3. I can't tell you how much I adore a great mudroom...this one is going to be perfection! Can't wait!

  4. I've got a post started on another functional type of space, but I agree with you that a mudroom area is very important to the home - especially one for a family. It is so important for getting in and out of the house efficiently which I know my family struggles with at times - probably because we don't have an entry/mudroom/foyer type of dedicated space - hopefully one day. I can't wait to see what you and your client plan to do with the window (if anything). And a nice structure to start with here too.

  5. What an happy space this is going to be.
    I have an old wool rug in my mudroom. It's a dark color, hides dirt, & vacuumes up easily.
    But I would like to change it out to one of the new, lighter colored, indoor-outdoor rugs like the one you selected.
    Can these type of rugs be vacuumed? Or are they too light in weight & just get sucked up by the vacuume?

  6. I've always thought decorating a mudroom would be so fun and different!
    It's one of those rooms that can leave a lasting impact if done right and I know you will DO IT RIGHT! ;)

    Love your new blog pic!!

  7. Abby, where do I find that rug? LOVE IT!

    Stacey H.

  8. It looks like a Dash & Albert rug, I believe.


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