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Happy Friday!  The countdown to Christmas is on, but I am so busy with client projects that I'm deviating from talking Christmas.  Instead, I'm sharing a fresh color palette that I'm suggesting to one of my favorite clients ever.  

The last few years have been full of fresh starts for her and she just bought a new home.  Julie is changing everything...especially the colors. 

Here's what I'm thinking...

Here's a peek at what the main level looks like now.  
You may notice my "little helper" in the few of the shots.  :-)

I'm leaning toward painting the trim white, but I'm not sure my client is convinced.  We're going to start by getting all of these walls white.  We'll add plenty of other colors through fabrics and accessories.

I recommended this light from Modern Jane.  It's actually a DIY made from coffee filters.  I love it!  

Here's the view into the dining room.  

Can't you see the blush pink walls and silver/grey ceiling with a super sparkly and fabulous chandelier?  Vintage, of course. ;-)

This is looking back into the living room.  I think it will feel so warm and relaxing to have the pink/grey/white against each other.

Need inspiration? See here:

Now onto the kitchen...
I have two different ideas for this room as far as how to use the colors.  You can't tell from the pictures, but the countertops are grey and have flecks of blue in them.  I'd really like to have all the lower cabinets painted the dark slate-y blue color: Vermont slate by Benjamin Moore.  The upper cabinets in the above picture (near the microwave) would all be ripped out and replaced with deep open shelving.  The walls and the shelving would go white.  The same white as the living room.  Then the shelves disappear into the wall.  


The other two walls of cabinets I would have boxed-in up to the ceiling and add crown molding.  Of course they'd all get painted white.

Here's another wall of cabinets that I would take up to the ceiling and add molding.  Finally, the ceiling would be painted Yarmouth Blue.

You may be wondering why would I recommend ripping out the wall with the most cabinets?  Won't that look sloppy?  No.  If that's the only place she can store her Tupperware there are always natural, woven baskets to hide the ugly.  The is a small area not pictured that has a pantry for canned goods.

If painting the lower cabinets dark isn't your style, then another option is to paint all the cabinets and shelves white, put the deeper blue on the walls and keep the ceiling the light blue.

I'm not sharing all of our plans today, but I hope you can catch the vision and get excited to see progress.  I believe they may start painting this weekend!

Thank you Julie (and family) for trusting me and working together!

Editors note: we have sine decided to paint the kitchen ceiling the same pink as the dining room.  So excited!

What are your plans for the weekend?  I'm working with six other clients at the moment, still finishing preparations for Christmas, and trying to finally finish our laundry room.  
Life is not perfect but I'm counting my blessings!  

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  1. I love the colors you have selected - can't wait to watch the progress. Happy weekend.

  2. This is going to be major gorgeous, Abby! Will you keep the same colors if she chooses to keep the woodwork as is?

  3. That house looks beautiful! Tons of character. I so curious to watch this project unfold.

  4. Wow you are a busy lady. How do you manage it all? I love the colors you have selected. I can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. Love the design concept! Can't wait to see the Afters!


  6. So many ideas here...the colors are going to be so fresh! I know she is thrilled she has you on board with project.

  7. Abby! Love it! And I can totally see Julie there with all that gorgeous color. Thanks for being inspiration to me yet again :)

  8. I love your idea for the open shelving in the kitchen. I have another link I'm going to send you of a before and after trim painting that you can show your client as well. Hopefully she will hop on board because I think it will really make a huge difference as I'm sure you've kindly suggested.

  9. I spent the day there yesterday painting the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms (colors of course which you so brilliantly picked out for us) and spent time absorbing the colors for the main floor - and I cannot wait to paint it! The colors are perfect with the crazy pops of brights that we have planned - this is going to be my dream house! I cannot wait!!

  10. They say that shade of pink flatters every complexion...and with candle light! Amazing.

  11. Oh my gosh, I love Julie's new home! What great rooms, and I can't wait to see them completed.
    I usually love painted woodwork, but i love how the existing woodwork looks - I think I'd want to keep it if it were my house. At least at first. But either way, I know you're going to rock this place with your design plans!


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