my new pillows and painted fireplace

I am so happy!  I'm sure you hear all the time, on blogs and in magazines, what a difference pillows can make in your space.  We're not kidding.  They completely transform the feel and look of the room.  I had ordered this Vintage Plumes fabric from Dwell Studio months ago and I finally took it to my favorite pillow source.  They are AMAZING!  When Brian heard that I was having a party, he not only made sure the pillows were finished in time, but delivered them to my house.  Of course I gave him a pumpkin ginger cupcake for the road...but really, how wonderful is that?

In case you need a reminder of what our living room looked like before the paint, here is a memory booster.
Since then, the walls, fireplace, desk, and desk chair have been painted.  I also spray painted a peach lamp gold for the side table.
Going from brick to white has lightened and brightened up our dark space considerably!
See the new pillows?  Love.
The long term plan is for the yellow sofa, brown chair, and brown wooden train table to go in our finished basement.  Yes, our coffee table actually holds toys, but I'm too practical to get rid of it right now.  I've got my eye on some other pieces though!

I was going to wait to "reveal" the painted fireplace until I had it styled.  But my hubby is resisting putting a nail in the brick.  Silly, but true.  He may just come home one day to the picture hanging.  We'll see.  :-)

Here are a few other living room shots to show off my new pillows.  Can you tell I'm excited about them?!

Do you enjoy seeing progress or would you rather I wait until it's completely finished?  No matter.  I'm keeping it real around here people!

Have you used your 15% off discount to Pillows by Dezign?  You only have a couple more weeks and I can tell you from first hand experience that their work is worth every penny.  Especially when they are so affordable and include their down/feather insert!  
Just enter adelightfuldesign at checkout.

Thanks for visiting me today!  I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween.  
Jack said it was "the best day ever". ;-)


  1. Love that fabric... and definitely like seeing progress :)

  2. Great job! All the changes looke great. Love progress photos, cause let's face it....is a room really ever Done Done? I have rooms that are 97% done and can't quite find the energy, time or money to get 100% done. That's life.

  3. LOVE those pillows! That fabric is gorgeous... I have to get busy and sew my MIL's up into pillows too! Hey... did I spy another one of your paintings on the piano??? (Just a guess!)

  4. I absolutely adore that pillow...I have it in the gray/blue colorway (c; And I adore your kiddo's excitement over Halloween...my 5 and 3 year-olds said the same thing! What is it about free candy? Still works on me, too! The pillows are looking super fabulous, my girl!

  5. Love the pillows! And the fireplace looks great! xo

  6. coming along nicely! thanks for the disc code, btw!

  7. Your room is looking so good Abby! Love all of the changes you have made.

  8. I love seeing the progress photos. And I keep meaning to check out your pillow source too. Do I spy an Abby original above the piano? I need to pick up a canvas to get started on my creation. Hope your kiddos had fun yesterday.

  9. Lovely progress. It's great to see everything coming together. Those pillows are amazing! Love how all of the colors in the cushion really tie the room together.

  10. Love pillows and agree -- they completely change a space. I just purchased a sparkly pillow from society social, and i can't stop staring at it!

  11. It looks great and I love seeing progress! I actually like your art leaning over your fireplace - it gives it a nice casual feel. Your pillows are awesome :)

  12. very pretty, they add some much color and interst to the room.(-:

  13. Hi Abby,
    I like see progress pictures also. It takes a long time to get rooms to where we want them. So I like to see how it evolves.
    Your new pillows are so pretty. They really look great with your other ones.
    As for hanging your picture over the fireplace...Have you thought about using a 3M product? I use them all the time. I like them because I like to change things around. And then I don't have holes to patch.

  14. I LOVE the pillows. Also so prefer progress shots for a couple of reasons. One, real-life is not HGTV where things are complete in 30 minutes. Not. Real. Life. Most of the time, not even 30 days! Design is a process, with progress along the way. I enjoy seeing the process, but I can also "see" the finished space in my mind's eye. That's a designer's gift. If I couldn't, I might be less impressed by progress shots. I don't know. Just a thought. Actually, never thought about that before, lol!!


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