I finally made something from Pinterest!

Happy Friday my friends.  My oldest doesn't have school today and I've already asked him to use his "inside voice" at least 10 times.  It's going to be a good day!  So I have a little outing planned to a new store that opens TODAY!  
FINALLY--we have this beauty in Grand Rapids.  Be prepared to see photos of the opening soon.  

We have all seen the Pinterest Challenge that is going around...very inspiring.  My favorite examples so far are here and here.  I should tell you that what I tried has nothing to do with design...but anyone can make it.  Anyone.  

All you need is 2 Tablespoons of Nutella per 1 Cup of milk.  Combine them in a sauce pan whisking constantly until hot and frothy.  Prepare to be amazed because it's crazy yummy.

Tomorrow we're having family a family photo shoot in the morning, and then I'm taking Jack to the MSU football game.  Say a prayer that our photos go smoothly with no total disasters.  Either way, it should make for an interesting Christmas card this year! ;-)

What are your plans this weekend?  
Have you made anything from Pinterest?

Special thanks to my blogging friend Carol for the shout-out on her newly designed blog.
She knows my love for lighting!!


  1. Oh that Nutella Hot Choco sounds really yummy!

    My son would definitely love it ♥

  2. We are hard core Nutella fans at our house...we'll make this for sure! Thanks for the link, love! ;)

  3. MMmmm...Nutella hot chocolate - how divine! Yum.

  4. You made me crack up with the inside voices comment - and are the boys going with you to Anthro? If so, how do you bribe them to go there? Football game sounds like a blast - have fun! And I haven't pinned an image of what I have in my head, but I hope to be making something for the holidays - some indoor holiday decor. We'll see. Your hot chocolate sounds YUMMY! We are off to the city tomorrow as long as my little one is feeling better.

  5. Oh my! I may have to drop everything and go make some right now! :)

  6. I should not have seen this... Nutella Hot Chocolate??? I think I'm in trouble now. YUM!

  7. You had me at Nutella ;) - I'm totally making some this weekend! Thanks for the little shout-out! Hope you're family photos go really well- ours are always an "event"!

  8. Oh gosh. I just bought nutella the other day too. I know what I'm making this weekend haha Hope you have a lovely weekend Abby!! xo

  9. I've never made Nutella Hot Chocolate but it sounds divine! I've pinned a lot of recipes on Pinterest but made the first thing yesterday. I made pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese filling. They were a huge hit!


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