$7 mini-makeover to our powder room

I'm obsessed with a great wallpapered bathroom.

But my reality is that our powder room looked like this when we bought the house.  

I had originally planned to leave this mustard orange bathroom alone until we remodeled all the bathrooms.  I had already tried to add new lighting when our electrician was working on the house, but for structural reasons, it really won't work to have lights over the mirror or on the side walls.  (depressed sigh) But this is the bathroom everyone uses when the visit.  Plus we use it a million times a day!

Then, when I was in Chicago working on my mom's condo (here and here) I found this towel at West Elm.  
Best part?  It was already monogrammed with our family initial.

Any who-- My plan was to leave it untouched.  But once I had that beautiful hand towel, it inspired me to 
stop living with a room I hate!  I am always surprised how long my clients will live with pieces or room colors they don't like, but clearly I needed to take a dose of my own advice.  

The challenge was that I didn't want to spend any money.  I had already received the towel as a gift, and didn't want to put money into a bathroom I knew we would be changing regardless.  The solution?  Grab leftover paint from our basement.  The only expense was buying new rollers and a paint brush.  

I still may buy new hardware for the cabinets since there are so few to replace.   I will also buy a new ceiling light before we renovate.  But until then...Here's the after shot as of now.  The room is rather small so I decided to take the paint all the way to the ceiling.  I'd also like to replace the mirror with this!

For what was basically a free makeover--what do you think?  (Please, no e-mails about how I should really iron my hand towels!  I do for special occasions.  Priorities people!)

It feels more me and connected to the rest of the house.

Are you living with a room that doesn't make you happy?  Stop and consider if there is an easy fix.  Maybe a one-hour consultation with a designer would do the trick!  I must say that our whole family (and even our babysitter) is much happier with the change.

Since I couldn't resist sharing just one photo of my darling, messy boys...here it is:
They were more than excited for that stash of candy!


  1. Much better :) I have that towel and love it as well!

  2. I love quick fixes that cost nothing! It looks great and I love that hand towel!

  3. Looks so much better! I agree -- why live with something you hate!? It makes the days go by slower and not nearly as exciting. Great job!

  4. Oh how such simple changes can make a huge impact! Nice job!


  5. Totally worth it, and WAY better! Love those towels!

  6. So much better!! Loving the towel. xo Ashlyn

  7. Wow- great transformation!! I love that you carried the paint up to the ceiling! It looks great. I also love your mirror idea from z gallerie. It's beautiful! :)

  8. I bought several of those towels yesterday for gifts and maybe one for myself too!

  9. Good for you Abby! What a huge difference that paint does. There are lots of small projects around our house that I just need to get done and stop putting off. Not to mention the fact that I want to repaint our entire first floor (another story). Wrinkled towel? I don't mind it at all - that's life, right? Great job with this quick makeover.

  10. Isn't it amazing what a big impact $7 can have? What a great transformation on a space you use so much. Now you'll go there happily! Darling boys! The littlest looks like he's going to dive-bomb the pile of candy!

  11. Just saw those towels at WE last week - love.

  12. A delightful change.

  13. Yes! That works great. Is that a black countertop? How I love black used like that. Want to do it myself. In the bathroom I hate!!

  14. Crazy what some paint can do! it looks great and I love your towels. That white mirror you are lusting over is awesome! :)

  15. AWWW, the power of paint! So much better.
    Until you buy the Z Gallerie mirror, maybe this could work:
    You could spray paint it any color, or leave it black to match your counter. Then just pop a mirror in it. Done!
    Cute boys! They look like they love their candy more then the powder room makeover.

  16. I wouldn't be able to resist those little cuties, either! The monkey is killing me! (c: It's so amazing what a huge difference a little paint makes...looking good!

  17. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do?! Great job, Abby!

  18. That is amazingly better! And your boys are adorable in their costumes! Have a great weekend!

  19. Love those towels! And who really irons their hand towels- puhlease?!!!


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