my mom's reno: part one

O.K. people! I am very excited about the future of this kitchen! 
My mom was trusting enough to ask me to help her with the choices of materials, and I really wish it was going to be my kitchen.  To start, the room will face a wall a windows high into the Chicago skyline.   
and this:
*Warning*:  the pictures in this post do not do the materials justice.  They're phone pics and you may want to poke your eyes out by the end of the post.  But trust me when I say they are crazy, crazy beautiful in person.

Everything is coming out, including the walls.

We chose Decora Cabinets with their white finish and added chrome hardware:

The overall goal for this high rise condo was to give it an urban feel without being too contemporary.  They aren't concerned about re-sale, but we still believed white cabinets (traditional) with contemporary style was just the right mix.  Their contractor does all the work in the building and told them he's 
NEVER done a white kitchen.  

 The counters are Silestone in Merope.  
It's closest to a charcoal but with a dash of brown and a small bit of variation.

The counters look amazing but don't compete with the backsplash.
We had already selected wood floors similar to the ones below.  
The backsplash is an opalescent pearl.  Every kitchen needs a hit of sparkle!

Here they are combined:

Now with the cabinets:

I believe the faucet is Grohe.  It's on the modern side, but the 
more substantial handle and the goose neck feel less harsh to me.

What do you think?  Are there any pieces you like?  
Can you see the vision?  

I'm even more excited about the materials for the bathroom! Stay tuned...

I owe my mom (and her sweet husband) a big thank you for letting me share this project with you all.  It's safe to say she's even more excited than I am.


  1. I'm loving it! I can't wait to see the finished product! I am in love with that opalescent pearl subway tile!

  2. Oh girl, what a fun project! You're right, those views do look amazing. I'm loving the backsplash you picked. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Wow, what a view! Cannot wait to see this come together and love your selections so far. I can't believe the contractor has not done a white kitchen before in that building! Crazy, just crazy!

  4. Love the faucet!! The silestone looks like it has a honed look which I really like a lot. This is going to be a kitchen that they are going really love and enjoy. The views are out of this world - what a spot!!

  5. I love the door profile - it looks faceted... so modern! That backsplash is going to be gorgeous...

  6. Cannot wait to see what it looks like all done! I see great inspiration here! :)

  7. Love that backsplash and everything else. While I personally love a white kitchen, I often think that in the "real world" outside of magazines and blogs, most people still prefer wood. I have no statistics, of course, but I'm not surprised by what you said about the contractor never having done a white one. I wonder if in colder places, like Chicago, people opt for the 'warmth" of wood, and maybe in sunnier, warmer places white rules. Just a thought I had at this moment that has run out of my head! I think your choices or gorgeous, urban and so appropriate -- I love the things you come up with!!

  8. love what you picked out! looking forward to seeing the final pictures!!

  9. Um, it's going to be gorgeous!!! Love everything you've chosen!! xo

  10. *** It's going to be undoubtedly F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S~~~~ (There's absolutely NO need for ANYONE over there to worry!!!)... You've got it goin', Sweetie, sooo, get going so WE all get to share in the joy... PLEASE????

    Warmest blessings, and thanks to your Mom for letting you share this with us!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  11. Very exciting (and AMAZING location in Chicago!) Those round buildings are epic. Love the cabinets and hardware you've chosen, and I totally agree that the faucet is perfect! Can't wait to see more.

  12. Oh girl your mom is so lucky to have you! It is going to be AMAZING! That view is so stinking beautiful too! I want to live there :)

  13. You are one lucky lady to have this project! It looks like your mom has fabulous taste! Love the back splash... it's pretty similar to the one we chose for my mom's house! (Not surprised!)

  14. Man...how much fun was that!!! Very sophisticated...she must be delighted to have a designer in the family :)

  15. wow -- that backsplash tile is amazing!!! that is going to be one gorgeous kitchen!

  16. Great ideas. Looks like it will be amazing. Looking forward to the bog reveal!


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