master bedroom mood board (e-design)

Hello all!  It's Monday and I'm ready to tackle another week.  Let's start with a master bedroom design!

On Thursday I shared the board for her study/lounge.  They added a fabulous addition to their home that includes a new master bedroom, bathroom, and closet.  Meredith sent me these photos for inspiration.  

She has three beautiful boys so we both agreed to keep it calm and serene in the master bedroom.
Here's is how it looked when visited. 
 (I don't have the chance to visit every e-design client, but I was already in her neighborhood.)  

Since then, the walls have been painted "Quieted Moments" by Benjamin Moore.

This chair was ordered for the reading nook:

But will be made in this fabric:

These are the fabrics for the bed pillows and window treatments:

Finally, here is the design plan:

This client is a fast mover and wants to get things done, so I'm sure I'll be sharing the "after" photos with you soon.  I hope you enjoy our calming and serene retreat.  


  1. Well, I can´t wait to see the end result, but it´s looking pretty good. I love those colours combined, the bluish greyish with the subtle browns or earthy colous. Great choice!

  2. Lovely choices! I can't wait to see the reveal! :)

  3. Beautiful Abby! Looks like a fun project and i love those fast moving clients! Will look forward to seeing the finished room...


  4. Ahh love love it!!! It will look stunning!!


  5. I love the design you have come up with. Can't wait to see the finished product! I am sure it is going to be fabulous!


  6. The plan is lovely and I adore her inspiration...can't wait to see it finished!!

  7. Love everything about it - I'm glad I settled on my own master color scheme or I'd be changing my mind after seeing all of the gorgeous fabrics and the paint color. Just out of curiosity, what was your jumping off point for this room? Was it the chair and fabric for the chair that you showed?

  8. This will be gorgeous! I love the fabrics and mirrored dresser idea. You designed a beautiful space! :)

  9. Lovely!! That room is going to be beautiful!

  10. Thank you for the comments! Holly, that's an awesome question. I started to type and answer and then realized it was a whole post. I guess I had a lot to say! ;-) I'm hoping to post it tomorrow but no guarantees. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I love your colors and fabrics. Ben Moore's Quiet Moments is one of my favorite colors of all time...a great choice with creamy trim. The names says it all.
    Cannot wait to see the final results.

  12. Love the choices of fabric you are going to be using. Can not wait to see the end design.

  13. it's going to look great! Love your choices.

  14. The right selection of paint gives life to the walls of the home. The different shades of the purple color create bright and pleasing environment.

  15. beautiful, Abby. You mix fabrics so well!

  16. My bedroom is painted that color. So I can't wait to see how this turns out.
    Was a rug selected? That's what I'm struggling with.


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