master bedroom fabrics (e-design)

Hi friends!  Did you enjoy one of the first weekends of fall?  Yes, I'm still here.  We were gone for five days for a beautiful, southern wedding--then life took over.  

I have been working for clients, just not blogging.  Below is a mix of fabrics I pulled for a master bedroom e-design.  She wanted serene-eclectic-glam.  I'll let you know how it all looks in the end.

I am SO happy when surrounded by textiles.  Who can relate?  Do you like this mix?

I know I've been missing out because I haven't been reading your blogs or responding to comments!  To be honest, my one year anniversary of this blog is coming up and I'm trying to decide if and how to move forward.  It has been such an amazing adventure, but I'm not sure the timing was right.  More on all that later!

I saw this on Pinterest and I just had to share.  
Warning: this has absolutely nothing to do with design. :-)
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I'm pinning new inspiration every day and I'd love to be inspired by you!


  1. Well you know we'll all be here whenever you post - you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if you posted once a month you know we'd all still be here to support ya girl! Anywho...yes, I love being surrounded by fabrics as well - it makes me so happy and I love the ones you've pull together here - is the floral Schumacher's hot house flowers? how about the other two above that? I toured a design house last week and I thought of you when I was in the library room - it was so beautiful and knew you would love it. Have a great day!

  2. Abby I adore the fabrics you have chosen they are just luscious. The combination of soft blues, creams, golds!

    I hope you will visit my site and let me know what you think of my Autumn decor, so far..... !


    Art by Karena

  3. I know you are busy but if you quit blogging I would miss you and your talent.
    Love the fabrics you put together. I hope we get to see the finished room.

  4. I love textiles - and have them stashed all over...(my grandmother is a quilter, so I think it's in the genes somewhere:).

    As far as your blog - I (really) enjoy the updates when you're able to post them-I also like that you don't post every little step - makes me feel like less of a blogger slouch when I don't regularly post :).

    I love your "before and after" posts; "seeing" what you're thinking about (your quotes, inspiration and design boards); and your sense of fun and lightness (delightful!)

    Here's one vote to keep your blog going-and keeping your sense of fun about it all (even if it means posting less)!

  5. I love all of these fabrics. I agree with you- I am also in love when surrounded by fabrics! And we will be here, ready to read when you are! I can totally relate that things can get hectic and overwhelming. Try not to worry about it- we'll be here when you are! :)

  6. Love the fabrics you are using. Can not wait to see the room when it is done.

  7. Love the fabrics! What a great serene combo. I do love being surrounded by wonderful fabrics and especially Schumacher even though of the high price tag.

    I understand life gets busy, but I do hope you conitnue blogging even if it's only part time. You are on my daily read lists and I enjoy your insights on decorating and the transformations you post.

  8. Hi Abby, I've missed not seeing any of your wonderful posts lately. No worries about not having time to keep up with the blog reading. Life has a crazy way of taking over sometimes.
    I love the colour palette and fabrics you've chosen for your client's bedroom.
    Have a lovely Monday, and remember to breathe!
    ~ Wendi ~

  9. One of my favorite Schumacher fabrics.....don't quit Abby.....how will we get to see your new house all finished?????? Just cut back.....

  10. LOVE the fabrics and colors!!! The floral material ties it all together.

  11. I have a flip book of those retro sayings that sits in my kitchen for a daily dose of cheekiness :)

  12. Please don't go!!!!! We would all miss you too much! :) Love those fabrics!

  13. I agree with everyone -- keep the blog, just post less! It's been 6 weeks since I have posted and people still check in and read. Blows my mind. But the thing is, you have something to share and you inspire us. Who out here doesn't understand that life is not about blogging -- it's about living and doing the things we love when we can. But, if you have to choose between working in design and blogging about it, I would choose(and have)the working part. You'll have more to blog about down the road!! And I adore the fabric choices!!

  14. Love those fabrics! and I totally understand where you're coming from with life getting in the way sometimes. I hope you hang in there and even just cut back the frequency of your posts - I'd hate to have to say goodbye to your blog completely! xo

  15. Adore your fabric selections! Looking forward to see the completed project!

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway. So, come by and enter for a chance to win a designer beach umbrella from Cocopani Australia (valued at $110)!


  16. Great fabric selections, Abby! I'm going to follow you on Pinterest now. So addicting!

  17. Abby, you have such a great eye and as usual the fabrics are stunning.
    I think everyone has said it but it's worth repeating, I hope you don't go, your posts are some of my favorites because you have a talent, but keep it real. I think this blogging thing becomes so large that we feel obligated to post and comment and participate, but it all takes so much time that it is sometimes difficult to justify (I know, I have been there). You have obviously found a following who will read your blog whenever you have time to post, so if you continue, post when it works, we'll be there to read and share.

  18. Ditto what everyone said! And I'm going through a similar feeling right now. So caught up in blogging but feeling the need to pull back. My house SHOULD be done by now and all I have are walls half painted and wallpaper half stripped. Plus, I'm getting ready to open my light biz and then the blogging will have go to the back burner! Maybe just do one post per week - an idea I'm considering - instead of stopping. Keep the circles balanced by not letting one activity take over your life. Trust your gut. :)


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