slightly obsessed

I'm dying over this painting.
It feels like a fresh interpretation of a sunburst mirror.

Metallics, texture, original art?  Yes, please.  
The artist is Susanna Shap.  She was born in the Ukrane, lived in Italy for a year, and
 now lives in Pennsylvania.  

She also has a giraffe painting I think would look amazing in a nursery.
Do you love?  


  1. I love!!!! Are you getting it??

  2. New to me and I love it! And she's from PA - even better.

  3. oh, sparkle, color AND texture - showstopper!

  4. That really is a pretty piece. Would look great in your house!

  5. It's beautiful. Love the texture and I agree with Carol, perfect for your house!

  6. Yeah, slightly obsessed isn't going to cover how I'm feeling about that painting. OVERWHELMINGLY OBSESSED. That texture is insane and the fact that it is metallics just sends me over the edge. Super duper love, fabulous find!

  7. Loves it! Gorgeous find-- I'll have to check and see what they actually cost!

  8. Wow. love it. Totally not in keeping with my traditional style but I love it. Great find!


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