how to mix pillows and patterns

Happy Saturday!  
I'm celebrating the weekend by having some sweetened condensed milk in my coffee a la The Pioneer Woman's recommendation.  You should try it.  So delish and decadent. 

Now onto the good stuff!
I usually don't post on the weekends but one of my favorite blogs, Classic Casual Home, asked me to be part of her "Pillow Addict" series.  I was humbled.  The list of bloggers who took part is fab-u-lous.
If you haven't been reading her blog then you are missing out on rooms like this: her renovated kitchen!

Everyone shares their pillow addiction and today I'm sharing mine...with a twist.
I thought I'd answer the question of how to mix pillows and patterns.  I know some of you get frozen when choosing pillows, but click over to my post for a little lesson!  Then take some time to look around, especially at Mary Anne's gorgeous California home.


  1. Hi Abby,
    I read your great advice on how to mix patterned pillows. But I was wondering about how to use pillows on a white couch. If the pillow has a light background, should the pillows be white also? Or is using a pillow with a cream/ivory/off-white background OK?
    I always thought using an off-white background pillow would look dirty against a white couch.

  2. Abby: Soooo nice to have you over at my place, making my blog pretty with your pillow advice. Enjoy your coffee...sounds like what my Cuban friends make...off to check that out!

  3. Taking a look at your post right now!

  4. She really does have one fabulous blog...and is having a fabulous guest to boot (c: Popping over now! (c:

  5. Heading over now! Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. That kitchen! I've never read this blog, but think I'll be heading over now - thanks for the intro, hon - x

  7. Her kitchen is amazing. I will have to go over and look. Love your graphic wallpaper post too! So fun!

  8. Off to read your post... I love her blog and have a pillow fetish as well :)

  9. Great post Abby...love your choice of mixing the patterns!

  10. That kitchen is beyond gorgeous!! Heading over to your guest post now!

  11. Loved your post over at Classic Casual Home. Totally educational and inspiring. My hope is to follow your advice and dress up my big brown couch for fall:)


  12. Hi Abby, I just discovered your blog today. So glad I did! There is so much inspiration here! You have absolutely fantastic style and taste! My husband and I will soon be embarking on the reno of our next home (if our current one ever sells):) I love the look of this kitchen! Simple, casual and modern. I'm your newest follower! Heading to Classic Casual Home next. Hope you'll stop by The Corson Cottage sometime and consider following:) Carrie


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