pinning prettiness & giveaway reminder

I folded.
I gave in.
I am pinning on Pinterest.
Are you?

Here is the first image I "pinned".  The lighting is divine against the rustic table and the white, modern chairs.  After a bit of digging I found who actually designed this space. It should come as no surprise to me (or you if you're an avid reader) that this room was designed by Sarah Richardson.  Clearly I know what I like and I love me some Sarah!  You can read my other posts on Sarah Richardson here and here.  

If you aren't familiar with Pinterest, it's a site that allows you to easily save and organize any image from the web onto your boards.  You can also "follow" people (like me) to see what they are "pinning".  If you are on there I'd love to follow you so be sure to let me know!

Changing gears...
This is your reminder!  You have one more day to enter to win a roman shade 

Go here to enter and good luck!  Grace does fantastic work and the winner is in for a treat!

Are you on Pinterest?  
I've heard it's addicting.


  1. Sure am tucan- not sure how I blogged/functioned before Pinterest:)

  2. I gave in to Pinterest a while ago and I'm so glad I did. It's the first place I go now for inspiration. Love it. I'll follow you!

  3. OMG I adore Pinterest. I am following your boards now:)

  4. I love Pinterest! If you want to follow me here's my info http://pinterest.com/judy51/pins/

  5. yea! glad you've joined our little group! LOLOLOL loving that pic.. for the same reasons you do! i'm determined to get a table similar to that and pair w/ ikea's lucite chairs!!!

  6. Pinterest is so assisting I love it! You're right though it can take some digging to find original source. Will have to start following you.

  7. I recently started but haven't pinned anything yet. I am just afraid my whole life will now be spent on the computer!

  8. I don't actually do the pinning...I just do the drooling (c: And yes, it's completely addicting! So much prettiness, so little time! Happy Monday, girl!

  9. Pinning is SO addicting. So fun though.

  10. So SO addicting... Make me wonder how I used to live with out it! Well actually we bookmarked everything and now I have spent hours upon hours cleaning out my bookmarks and pinning all of the stuff I really want to keep! Just another way to stay glued to the computer! Happy Pinning ~ as they say!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  11. I love it because it makes writing posts so much faster!


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