living room tour: before the paint

We are four months into our new house and last night, 
when the painter left, I finally felt like it's really becoming ours. 

Here is what we've done so far: 
-added lighting to every bedroom
-removed a light in the hallway and added two more in a different location
-moved light switches to different walls
-installed lighting in the living room
-ripped out cat-pee-stained carpet in the basement
-rid the attic of mice (super yuck)
-had the dining room skim-coated, painted, and new light
-had the kitchen bulkhead skim-coated and the lighting brought up to code
-kitchen ceiling, walls, and hallway painted

I have showed you bits and pieces of our living room but because I hate the wall color (it makes everything else look worse than it is) I have not wanted to show you the whole space.

Grab your coffee and let's take a "before the walls and fireplace got painted" tour.

Here is your view when you are standing in the entry.  Yes, I need new pillows.
Notice the screen/panels over the slider and the red brick fireplace.
(don't tell me you hate the chandelier because we put that in thanks to Kara and Tom)

This is the view from the piano.  Yes, there are toys under the TV cabinet.  Deal with it. :-)  Our coffee table is actually the "train table" from Pottery Barn Kids.  It's not glamorous but I can't get past the practicality of the piece.  The yellow sofa is heading to the basement--just not sure how soon.  It's 9 years old and showing some real wear and fading.

This is the view from the yellow sofa: you get the idea of the floor plan now.  You can see our hallway to the right.  If you missed my plan for the hallway click here.

I love our open floor plan.  I hope to someday in the not so distant future to make our kitchen white, but one step at a time!

The view from the kitchen corner: say goodbye to the red bricks, grey grout, and beige walls

That concludes our tour!  You can see my youngest is trying to help keep the house clean.

I hope you come back to visit tomorrow for the after shots of our living room walls and fireplace!
After one coat of color, my husband called me a rock star.  ;-)  I wouldn't go that far but I will say it's a whole new space!

THANK YOU for all of your comments on yesterday's post.  It's a great adventure.


  1. You are a rock star!!! It looks awesome!

  2. I am excited & all your coffee table needs are a few favorite objects ( boy do I understand with kids though)!!


    Art by Karena

  3. In Marta's defense, she has seen the after pics. :-).

    Thanks Karena! But if you see pretty objects on the table it will just be for show as my toddler plays there constantly. I will style it some day in the future!!

  4. Can't wait to see the afters. I agree, you're a rock star!

  5. I actually love your chandelier.
    When I started reading your post I got excited to see the "afters". You tease!
    I also have a white couch & brown leather chair in my living room. So I'm anxious to see what you do with your space. Cuz I need some inspiration for mine.

  6. Great pictures. Can't wait to see when it's completed!!

    'Please visit our new website www.tableandtop.com'

  7. That is a LOT to have accomplished in just 4 months - great work and I am really excited to see the "after" updates, wait to keep us hangin'! I'm really anxious to see the fireplace.

  8. CAN'T WAIT to see it!!!! I'm painting my fireplace next, so I'm anxious to see yours!

  9. I'll bet painting the fireplace alone was a huge change! Can't wait to see the rest!

  10. Can't wait to see the updates! I'll be back tomorrow!

  11. Oh I can't hardly wait for the updates...you have such a fabulous space to work with and PS, I ADORE the chandelier...like alot!!!

  12. I always love a great before and after...and I'm pretty positive this is going to be great (c: I'm with Christine, that chandelier is FABULOUS!!!

  13. You big tease. That's all I have to say!

  14. so excited to see the new paint!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  15. Love the colors and dreamy chandelier. This is so much fun. You are doing a great job.


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