Keller-Creative and a bit of sparkle

Good morning!  Today you can find me at one of my favorite blogs, Keller-Creative.  Kim is on vacation so I'm filling in with my "top six Etsy sources".  But before you go visit, and I hope you do (!), I want to share one of Kim's awesome projects.

My current favorite?  The "Emerson Made-ish placemats" that I would love to have for myself.  
She's my kind of girl for making something that's pricey on the cheap! 
This creative gal also makes jewelry! 

{My birthday is coming up.  Mom??  Are you reading this? ;-)}
Check out Kim's fabulous style and talent.  These pieces run between $16 and $20.  Actually, they would make a perfect bridesmaid gift.  Click here to visit her store!

Which earrings are your favorite?
Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to click here to see my favorite resources from Etsy!


  1. I hesitate to go read your post...Etsy is so dangerous and I shouldn't really discover more!! :)

  2. Heading over to read your post, Abby. And love those top earrings!

  3. You had to give me some more Etsy shops to add to my favorites, didn't you? And a great new jewelry resource - I love the peek-a-boo earrings in jade and peacock. Is it crazy I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts?

  4. Etsy is the hottest thing since eBay, only better!

  5. Kim really is a style/DIY/design genius...I'm going to have to go with what I called her earlier this week, she's an evil genius! Mwah hahaha! Love it and heading over!


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