if I had a trust fund

If I was a "trust fund baby" I could have done some serious damage to it yesterday. Marta and I dragged our
babies to wonderful antique stores in Grand Rapids.  I was not disappointed--except in my bank account. ;-)  I'm actually really grateful for what we have but a girl can dream!
I luh-uved this mirror.  Entryway?  Powder room?  Yes, please.

Marta spied that chest first.  Wouldn't it be fabulous with a flat screen on top?

I really want to put this in the pink & green bedroom of the T. house, but I'm not so sure my clients would go for them.
You can only imagine how much I loved this sweet piece.  Sadly, she was not for sale.  I guess the store owner knew a good thing when she found it!

I wanted this for myself. 
 Not sure where I would put it but can't you imagine it in an office, kitchen, or even a laundry room??

These were almost $100/piece.  Otherwise I would have snatched them up in one second.  I'd put them on a dining room table, mantle, or bookshelves.

Besides loving the cabinet, I took this picture of all the hands for Sherry.  
This cabinet would work wonders in a hallway if you filled it with linens.  (Or hands, of course.)

The classic brass garden stool.  I also would have bought this for myself to use as a side table in our living room.  Someone else go buy it so I can live through you.

Yep, you want this too, don't you.  Does anyone have an entryway that could carry this?  Or the perfect space that needs an accent table?

Thanks for shopping with me today!  If you're a client or local and are interested in any of these pieces, I'll share my secret locations. ;-) xo

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Gorgeous finds!!! And I feel your pain...too many pretties in the world and not enough cash in my pocket to buy them...oh well enjoy the eye candy : ) Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Abby thank you for the tour, I am with you girl, we have the same taste as I would make room for any of these finds!!


    Art by Karena

  3. A Ben for each of those lanterns? Darn! I'm with you on that cabinet - love it (but not the hands creepy!)

  4. Lovely pieces! Thanks for sharing

  5. Why oh why do you live there and I live here, lol?? I would love to do shops like that together, then have a glass of wine and talk about what we would do with all those finds! Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm in the GR area and these finds are amazing!

  7. I wonder sometimes how different my home would look if I never had to check a price tag.

  8. Ha Ha...look at all those hands! I hope they were cheap cause I think mine were $12. Hey...you love all of the things I love :)

  9. You have a great eye, Abby. I love every piece you were admiring!

  10. ooooh, I do love that first chest. it doesn't even really "go" in my house, but I'm a sucker for stuff like that.

    i'm doing a little thrifting myself this week. hope i'm as successful as you are!

  11. Abby, I think I might need that brass garden stool. Where was that?!?
    xo kristi bishop

  12. I have the perfect entry way for that table, but sadly I live way too far from you! I also WANT that chandelier.

  13. All the finds are great, but I love the 2nd chest the best!


  14. I could go antiquing all day every day (c: I'm pretty sure my bank account is the only thing standing between me and a house FULL of fab antiques (c:


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