catalog crush

Do you have a certain catalog that you love to browse the minute you pull it out of the mailbox?
As my design style grows and changes, so does my catalog crush.  
My crush of the moment is West Elm.  Their products are quite modern but if you take the pieces out of the catalog and put them in the context of your room, they mix well with all styles!
Just click on the board above and scroll down to visit any of these individual items.  
Don't be surprised if one or more appear in future designs!

Who is your catalog crush?


  1. I know what you mean. I just looked through the West Elm catalog last night. I loved these: http://www.westelm.com/products/mongolian-lamb-pillow-cover-r643/

  2. oohh theyve been tempting me arriving in my mailbox every week!

  3. Our mailbox has been catalog crazy lately - all the fall lines I guess. I do love browsing West Elm and I also linger on Ikea's 2012 catalog for little gems that would be useful or functional for our little house.

  4. West Elm is also my current crush. I love the new fall merchandise such as the plum painted swirl duvet. I just used the white lacquer tray/stand in a design as well. Looks great in the space.

  5. Abby...I am with you! West Elm has some really great things right now.

  6. Yes, I love West Elm, but I can hardly wait for my Wisteria!!

  7. Love that sofa and mirror. You're right, they do cross a lot of styles and they'd be fun to use. I always see them mentioned, so I guess I need to really check it out. I don't have a crush of late. Well, unless you count my first love, Williams-Sonoma!!

  8. I must have been dropped from West Elm's list. Thank goodness for online catalogs - looks like great stuff!

  9. Some how, I hardly get catalogs in the mail these days. Ballard is just about the only one. I love the settee you have pictured and their prices are very fair as well.

  10. Anthropologie. I can't help it. I want to live in that world :)

  11. Hi Abby, just came across your blog through Livv Savy and I'm so glad to find you! Great blog. I, too, am a big fan of West Elm. And IKEA, of course.


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