T. House master bedroom: lighting

I have been a bit crazy for chandeliers lately, and it must be wearing off on my clients.
The T. House (a whole house client you can read about here) finished installing the lighting in all of the rooms upstairs, and what a difference!  I have said this a million times, but it is worth saying again.  

Your lighting can make the room.

If there is space in your budget for a splurge, your lighting is the place to do that.
Here is what we just installed in the master bedroom of the T. House:

Of course it looks much better in their room than this picture off the website, but I can't wait to share some progress pictures with you early next week.  
{Their stairway looks amazing, now that the light is hung.}

Here are a few beautiful inspiration rooms to entice you to experiment with a chandelier in your bedroom.

(this image is my fav)

all images via here

Thank you to my great friend Carol for passing along this post on master bedrooms! 
I hope you are enjoying the last day of your weekend.  We are having some friends over for dinner tonight that just moved back to the U.S. after a few years in the U.K.!  I'm making deviled eggs, (fancy) tomato feta salad, grilled asparagus, plus salmon and pork chops on the grill.  Can't wait to see them and have people around our table!

Oh, and my Friday looked something like this, right before I hosted 15 kids and their moms at our house:
Thank you Holden!


  1. I can't wait to see the image of the T. House bedroom! I am so wanting that chandelier!!!!!! I bet it looks amazing. Glad you did it. My you have been busy on all fronts! The toilet shot is a scream. And how was that fabulous dinner?

  2. Hi Abby The T House is perfect I 'm sure (after seeing the chandelier) and hope to see images soon! I love interesting lighting and wow, there is so much to choose from now!

    Glad to see you are keepin it real with the toilet shot, we can all relate!! :)


    Art by Karena

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  3. Haha love the Elmo shot! Can only imagine what it looked like AFTER the party. So glad to be a new follower!

  4. You are so right - lighting does make such a big difference. Looking forward to seeing the T house bedrooms. I am sure they will be beautiful.

  5. Didn't even know that you linked to my blog until after I wrote my comment and then went back to click the link! Thank you sooooo much! I've been here at least a half hour now, and can see myself spending the afternoon reading your posts! I'd like to mention your blog in my post tomorrow......thanks again,

  6. Beautiful lighting makes such a statement in any room...can't wait to see!! Love the present you received from Holden - too funny ~

  7. I agree that beautiful lighting really enhances a room!

    Looking forward to see the finished room.


  8. Lighting is so key!! Luckily there is a lot of reasonable lighting sources out there for us to take advantage of...no excuse for ugly lighting! Love the toilet shot :)

  9. I'm a lighting fanatic! Still on the hunt for something great in my two-story foyer! These images are all very inspiring!

  10. Statement lighting is so significant in a space! I'm looking forward to the T-House bedroom reveal.
    And I have to add that Holden's contribution to your Friday was priceless!!!

  11. I've realised that my eye is always drawn to big dramatic light coverings ... I've only found 1 for my house so far, but this weekend I picked out 3 more and yes they cost more than I wanted to spend but they really are statements for the room and I can't wait to have them up (yes picture will follow!). Can't wait to see that chandelier in the room reveal

  12. Yes, to pretty lighting! Your favorite image is my favorite image. Love that room so much. Poor elmo in the potty - kids :)

  13. In our next home I would love to add a pretty light fixture in our master. Elmo down the toilet? Oh no!


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