our kitchen before...and now

Good morning!  After sharing our dining room updates with you last week, I thought I'd give you a little tour of our kitchen. 
 I almost named this post "kitchen before...and before" 
because I still don't feel like it's even to baseline. 
 I am using the pictures from the listing of our new house, from when the previous owners lived here.     
 I have no idea if they read my blog, but I do want to say that we loved their home.  We put an offer on it immediately because we new it was perfect for us.  They had created a very warm and inviting home and we couldn't wait to move in.  So although I'm making many changes, it's all personal preference.

As you can see, as soon as you come in, you see the dining room and right through to the kitchen.

Here is the before shot from the entry into the kitchen.

Here is the now...not the after.
The walls, and bulkhead were previously a muddy, greenish-yellow.  The wall color was very close to the cabinet color, but you can't really tell that from the pictures.  Also, the window over the sink was wood, but all the other windows in the house are white.  So I had all the walls, and window, painted the same white as the entry.  (BTW: painting this door soon--stay tuned)

This way, when you are sitting in the living room your view is the same on either side. 
 (see floor plan above)

Before of kitchen

Now of kitchen...notice the blue ceiling?  I wanted to add some color but still keep the kitchen fresh.

Now...see the double cabinet doors in the hall?  That is one of my favorite places in the whole house because it's full of pull out shelves that makes for a big pantry.  Without this the kitchen would be too small.

  Before...looking into living room

Now...into living room

Moving on.  Let's talk about the backsplash.  It's just not me.  The house doesn't have a ton of light coming in, and I feel like this dark backsplash sucks what light there is right out of the room.  
Bring on the carrara marble.

I have a client's floor sample leaning on the counter for inspiration.  It ties together the new white walls and the black granite countertop.    The new back splash will also just BRIGHTEN up the space.  
Once I add a new faucet and hardware, the kitchen will officially be more "me".  But you can probably guess that I'm dying to paint the cabinets white.  My hope is that by doing everything else first, I may like the cabinets as-is better.

As a little sidenote: look what we received from Jay's Grandmother.  She gave us this desk and accent chair.
I'm looking forward to painting the desk and reupholstering the char.  Once the living room is painted, and these windows have new treatments, I think this little space will really stand out.

My inspiration for our house is kept nice and close to the computer. :-)

Thanks for reading all my plans today!  Now if that money tree in the back yard would just start growing, I could move so much faster. ;-)  
Have you made your home more "you" lately?
What do you think of the blue ceiling? 


  1. I just came over from Hi Sugarplum! and had to comment on the blue ceiling... I wanted to paint my living room ceiling a light blue for months now and I finally did it. I love it! It does add a nice change from basic ceiling colors and is much, much nicer than my before photos! http://thependletonhouse.blogspot.com/search/label/dining%20room

  2. You have made some great updates. I especially love the blue ceiling.

  3. Abby the ceiling is genius! I think it adds great personality to the space. Also I think the backsplash will really help to lighten up the space.

  4. Abby, I love the blue ceiling. Cararra marble is so timeless, and a wonderful choice for a backsplash. Like you, I'd be tempted to painted the cabinets white. I don't know what you don't like about their present colour, but the cool tones of the ceiling and subway tile will enhance the orange undertones in the wood stain. I'm visualizing how incredible the site line would be from the dining room if the cabinets were white - beautiful!

  5. I think the new backsplash is going to make a HUGE difference - i can't wait to see it. And I see mister coffee machine already has a little spot too - very important as you know! ;) Looking forward to seeing more updates on the kitchen. By the way I love that you can look out into the living room - that's perfect and great for entertaining.

  6. I'm a huge fan of marble, so bring it on!!! I think you'll be much happier once you make the changes. Looking good!

  7. Isn't it amazing how different tastes are from person to perso n? That is why I love design. The former owners had a lovely home and now it will be more lovely for you! I love the changes you are making. So fresh! Want to come do my house? Coming up on five years here and it is still slow going! I have the same stunted money tree in my back yard! Darn!

  8. Sometimes my husband is my toughest customer. The biggest challenge is to not go on the "attack", when he doesn't immediately love my ideas. Your idea about showing pictures is a great one, since he and so many people have a hard time visualizing. Your home is going to be beautiful, by the way! Just try to be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day...heard that before?

  9. Loved that you painted the ceiling blue in the kitchen! and I love the idea of the bright white marble backsplash!

  10. oh my goodness, you are so busy! Love the new backsplash choice, so much more you. I think the blue ceiling will work really well with your white cabinets, which I'm sure aren't too far off :)


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