new light in my boy's room

We are slowly plugging away at our new house.
I originally shared this design board with you to get an idea of all the lighting we would be 
adding to our home.

I'm pleased to say that every fixture but one,
(the schoolhouse pendant for our laundry room) has been installed.  

The Leran Pendant lamp was my choice for Jack's room.  There's really nothing special in the space: no built-ins or hardwood floors, or fabulous fabrics.  (yet)  I wanted to keep it playful and interesting.
When we moved in there were no lights in the bedrooms: just lamps.

Here's how his room looks now:

Yes, it's huge, but I like it.
Wouldn't you agree the room is just more fun and stylish with this light?

Now for the rest of room...


  1. I totally agree! This is such a great choice. Love the scale and texture.

  2. Sitting on the beach reading your blog! Love that light.

  3. Hi Abby! I really like the scale of the light in there. It is unexpected and looks great!

  4. Abby I love this it is darling for his room!! Perfect choice! You have such a great design sense!


    Art by Karena

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  5. I'm such a fan of that light--and how smart to use it in a kids room!

  6. cute! Lighting makes it or breaks it...

  7. LOVE it!! I couldn't think of a better light fixture for that room!

  8. Love it and it will grow with the room too which is great for a kid's room!

  9. Looks great! I love the vintage beach and car theme!

  10. I love it and I think it looks great in the room. The room needed that light fixture. I love the motorcar print too on the wall.

  11. Love that light...have used it many times and it never disappoints! I seriously love that poster...it is all coming along nicely!

  12. I have had my eyes on that light for a couple of projects. A boy's room is the perfect place for it.


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