convincing your husband (or a client)

You may have a spouse that does not care what you do to your house, and for the most part, my hubby is that spouse.  But lately he is getting more opinionated.  Maybe because this house is "new" to us?  

Here is our sample wall:

Our conversation last night went something like this:
Me: So what do you think of these colors?  I like the top one best.
Hubby: They all look the same.  I don't think I like any of them.
Me: They are not the same!  The bottom one is more green.  You can't see the green?  Look close.
Hubby: Nope.  I don't like 'em.
Me: (ugh)

Whether it's a client or a spouse, I have found one method that seems to work wonders.  
Brace yourself, this may come as a shocker to you.  
The solution?
This morning I woke-up determined to drive home my point, and did a quick search on Google Images for Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart.  I found this image here.
Showed it to the hubby, explaining that I liked it because it's not *too* blue, and won't look like a nursery.  Where the others could be too much in such a large room.
Hubby: Fine.  
"Fine" is code for "Yes, go ahead and do what you want."  ;-)
Has anyone used Salt Glaze by Martha?

This method worked yesterday with a new e-design client.  They just bought a home and hired me to do their kitchen and living room.  When I saw their window, I new we could keep the woven shade and just change everything else.  The client was skeptical until I sent her a link to Rene's fantastic post on bamboo shades.

She immediately wrote back saying how she changed her mind and loved the way they look.

The moral of the story?  
Trust your vision, and when in doubt use pictures!
People don't always know what they want, but as a designer,
 it's my job to help them understand the vision in my head...even if the client is my husband.


  1. Pictures help so much! Glad the post helped and thanks for linking to me :)

    Our poor husbands...

  2. Abby really great advice!! A picture is worth a thousand words!!


    Art by Karena

  3. Abby, I completely agree with this!! I'm a huge proponet of pictures!

  4. Good job....on the color choice and for being determined to have him "see" your thoughts. Others would have given up.....great idea, Abby. XoXo-Jen

  5. Way to go convincing your husband. I haven't used that color, but I think it's going to look great. It's best when men stay out of these types of decisions. ha ha.

  6. I think husbands just like to think they are in charge, and we all know they aren't. I don't know why they even have an opinion about color, half the time they don't even notice!


  7. Very clever, Abby! It makes sense that designer's often refer to images for inspiration, so pictures should also help a client (or husband!) better visualize your plan.
    By the way - love the 'salt glaze' blue!

  8. Good tip! Some people find it hard to envision things, so photos are definitely a great help!

  9. I'm going to have to try this whole hubby being the client - it will be good practice for me. And I think using pictures to demonstrate the point is perfect - men need hard evidence to agree to things, don't you find that? They don't have "visions" like us women do...;)

  10. What a great post! So true. So true!!

  11. I love the internet and how you can pretty much google paint colors now and see them in rooms. Makes design SO much easier!!

  12. Such a great advice! Isn't amazing how fast you can find what you have in mind online rather than flipping through hundreds of magazines to find that image that you were looking for?

    I love the photo with the bamboo shades. Yes, a photos are always a great help to show the vision to the client.

  13. Great advice Abby. I have a client that is dead set against a rug that I think would be perfect in the space...I'm going to try your technique :).

  14. Phenomenal post! And who out there didn't laugh if they have a husband. "Fine." The unltimate man word. Applies to decorating, new lipstick, how your butt looks in pants, going to his mother's for dinner. "Fine" is an all-encompassing, safe, man word. When I hear it I think "yeah!" I guess all is good with whatever it is. I gave up long ago, as a decorator especially, seeking other words from my man. He just doesn't care enough. Except about my ugly stained woodwork. Then it's a definte "no!". Oh how I love the word fine. :)

  15. A picture is worth a thousand words alright! was trying to show a painter that I want white/grey washed beams on the cieling... finally showed him a photo and he got it!

  16. Haha True that! Admire you for not taking the first "no" as the ultimate answer to the design dilemma! When you have that vision, you trust it!

  17. Great advice! I need to do that more for myself...especially now that we have Pinterest and it's so easy to look for pics!

  18. Enough said, sister! It always helps me to see it in a pic as well!

  19. Exactly how my convos go with my hubby. Oh good times. Le sigh.

  20. I always use pics for clients, and as for the mister, sometimes I just don't ask :) He always ends up liking the finished product...

  21. Ha! With us, its wood vs white issue and every time I show him white trim or cabinets, he says how good it looks....but still says wood cabinets for the kitch. (ours WILL be white! ;) ) He just hung our new white front door, replacing an old brown door, and agrees on the white. It was in our basement for 4 months! Abby, I think most of us can relate to your conversation!

  22. Great advice! A picture really says a thousand words in many cases! Looking forward to see the completed project of your e-design client!



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