a chandelier in our living room and important giveaway

Welcome back to your week!  I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic weekend.  We had many plans, but all were cancelled due to my youngest who is still sick.  Poor little guy.  If you are a client and haven't heard from me...that's the reason.

But we did make time to hang a chandelier in our living room!  
Remember, it was a gift from Tom and Kara.  It used to live in their entryway, but it was just not for them.  Thank goodness because it's certainly for me!

I know some people will hate it.  But I can see the finished room in my head,  (new walls, a white fireplace, drapery panels, bookshelves, a new sofa, and fantastic pillows) and 
have to trust my gut on this one.

Here is a VERY UN-STYLED phone picture for your chandelier enjoyment.  
Please, don't judge the rest of the room.  :-)

There's really nothing special about this room architecturally.  But this chandelier helped get the boring out.

I know, I've been talking about ME and MY HOUSE too much lately.  So here is something truly exciting!!

Mark your calendars for July 15!
I'm participating in this very important giveaway by donating four hours of design service.  
Need an inspiration board for your home?  Are you local and would love 
a consultation and some fabric ideas?  
More on this to come...
O.K., now go mark your calendar!!

Finally, thank you so very much for all of your sweet comments on the new look of our dining room.  I have the best readers around!   xo


  1. Who could possibly hate it- that light is DIVINE!!!!! I'm sorry to hear your little one is sick- hoping he feels better soon!!!

  2. good for you! and chandy looks great too!

  3. I'm a HUGE FAN of that chandelier!!! It's perfect!

  4. I love hearing about YOU and YOUR HOUSE.

    (yay for going with your gut.)

  5. I like it. It wouldn't be for me and my house but I love seeing all the pretties in everyone else's house.

  6. I think it's pretty awesome and will look fantastic when it all comes together. And what a great event you've got going on out in MI!

  7. I'm not worried Abby :) I know that room will be shining soon.....hope everyone gets well soon!

  8. Yeah! It looks much better in your room than in our foyer :)

  9. I happen to think the new chandelier is magazine worthy! I know the room will be gorgeous when it is complete. The giveaway you are a part of sounds amazing. How wonderful to give back to such a great cause! And I hope your little guy feels better soon! :)

  10. Hi! Still hanging in I hope? This giveaway is pretty cool. The chandelier is fabulous and it's not too much about you! I love seeing your process and progress. I'm waiting to see if my version, what I picture you will do, is anyrhing close to how it ends up! It's fun to watch. Saw the preview of the ceiling on facebk. Love it!

  11. I wondered what happened to that! It looks great in there. Hope Holden feels better soon - x

  12. I think the light is fabo!! I can't wait to see your living and dining rooms when they are complete! Hope your little guy feels better real soon.

  13. I love your chandelier! Hope your little one is feeling better too.

    Your blog looks amazing!


  14. That living room speaks all kinds of glamour now with that brilliant chandelier!! and what a great giveaway you're participating in, and for such a beautiful cause!

  15. I adore that fixture!! lucky you! I can just see that finished room. M.

  16. I think it's going to be fabulous!!!! Love the fixture!

  17. So happy to see how your home is coming together, and so happy you are participating in our giveaway - we are VERY lucky to have you :) XO

  18. I always love a great statement chandelier in a living room - looks great :)

  19. That chandelier looks gorgeous! It's making a great design statement in your living room!


  20. What a great piece! Your living room is going to look fabulous! Love the new color in the dining room too!

  21. I absolutely adore it. Adds instant character to the room.


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