thank you to Red Door Home

When I started a delightful design, I feared that no one except my mother would read it.  But when you have a passion for something, you need to run with it and not look back.

You can just imagine my excitement when Stacy from Red Door Home contacted me to ask if she could feature a delightful design as the June "blog of the month."  Of course I said yes!  
I am so thankful for the feature!
You can check it out here.

If you've never visited Red Door Home, here is a small peek into her beautiful home.  Stacy has been featured in countless magazines, including 
Better Homes and Gardens, Renovation Style, and Kitchen & Bath Makeovers.

I hope you take a moment to visit Stacy and her lovely blog.  It's full of DIY tutorials, budget friendly ideas, and beautiful inspiration.  If you're a new follower that came over from Red Door Home--Welcome!


  1. Wowzers...congrats Abby- I can't wait to check it out and believe me, her choice was a fabulous one and so so deserved!!! xo

  2. Congratulations...this is fantastic!

  3. Congrats Abby! You definitely deserve all of the recognition!

    Have a lovely weekend!! ;))

  4. Awesome - great feature! I'll have to check out the rest of Stacy's blog this weekend.

  5. Congratulations!! It is so great that more people are noticing how awesome you are. I am so proud of you!

  6. Congrats to you, Abby! Very well deserved.

  7. Congrats Abby! So happy for you...off to check it out!

  8. Congratulations Abby, you deserve it! I'm off to check out her blog now. Happy weekend.

  9. You deserve some attention like that! Stacy is fantastic, and her blog is always interesting. I'm glad she highlighted you. :)

  10. I am not sure how I missed this! I guess I am a little behind due to all the end of the school year craziness. It was certainly my pleasure to feature your wonderful blog. Thank you!


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