chandeliers & coffee tables

Over the weekend I share my vision for a slightly gaudy beautiful chandelier in the center of our living room.
We recently added canned lights but the room really needs something more.
My friend (and client) read my post and generously offered up this beauty!

I'm so excited for it that I'm jumping out of my skin.  
Of course they tried to sell it on Craig's List but no takers.  Lucky for me!

Does having a glitzy chandelier in your living room mean you must 
 have a tufted velvet sofa, acrylic coffee table, and brass lamps?  Not necessarily. 

I pulled a few images from Lonny and Trad Home to give you a little preview of what is possible with chandeliers and coffee tables.  
They mix well!

What do you think?
Is anyone dashing out to find a chandi for their living room?

P.S.  If you read yesterday's post about my e-design client that wanted a change, please go back and read her (anonymous) comment.  Made my day!


  1. I think it will look great!


  2. lucky girl! :) will look FAB!!
    i have been in love w/ the ikea paper daisy chandy for a while now.. but seem to see it all over design land... and well, now i'm not so sure?

  3. Abby, What a gorgeous gift!

  4. We are happy it will live on in a room more fitted for it :) Now, come get it soon so we can hang out! ;)

  5. Lucky you! And gorgeous inspiration images you found! Love them all!

  6. Love the idea of a chandelier in the living room. We have can lights in our living room and I have been thinking about adding something fun.

  7. I want a chandelier in every room of my house (okay not really but I would like one in a my guest bathroom, office and master bedroom). I think the chandelier you got from a friend is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see it up in the room :)

  8. Well, since you ask I do have a chandelier in my living room and I love it. What a sweet friend you have - it's going to be dynamite!!

  9. Nice friend! Excited to see it in place!

  10. How sweet is your client from your post yesterday? (c: I loved what she said about you and confirms all my suspicions about you being one of the nicest gals around! And that chandy!!! LOVE! I really love that it's not too glitzy, just the right amount of shimmer...perfect!

  11. looooovvveee that third pic with the sectional. i want that room.

  12. Wow that's awesome!! I can't wait to see what you do with it. And you must still be beaming from your client's comment - so wonderful and sincere.

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