Trad Home & Home Depot?

Remember this dinning room from the first issue of Trad Home?
Well I am constantly looking for lighting because we are changing everything in our house.  

Then I came across this while scouring Home Depot's website!  Just click on the image to visit the site.

What do you think? Not the same, but so close!
Would you try this?


  1. Sparkle and simplicity, I'm in! I never find things like this at our home depot - maybe onlne? Thanks for your sweet comments, Abby. I don't charge a lot because I want to keep it accessible, and I like what I do, most days ;) Can't wait to see you - six hours, right?!

  2. My personal opinion? I wouldn't buy it. I like my lighting to be unique. If it's from HD, than anyone could buy it. But it is pretty.

  3. Ok...that 1st picture is beyond lovely....and the fact you found something even within the scope of the style is AMAZING. With the sparkle and the cost...why not? Best thing about HD -- they will take it back while other stores...not so much.


  4. Hmmmm...love modern, but I'm on the fence on this one. What happened to the choice you had made before?

  5. What a find! It's home depot - so at least you can always return it if it's not just right! You will just have to find a creative way (akd a storng person) to hold it up while you umm and ahh.... :)

  6. Hey friends- this is what happens when I write a post quickly! I actually never meant that I wanted this for my own home. It was meant to be more like a "copy cat chic" post. It's so fun to hear your take on it!! Abby

  7. I love it, great find! My kids would think we could have a constant dance party with this light.

  8. I like it's really pretty...it a little more glam and sparkle!


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