quick fix to our ugly bathroom

When I dream of a beautiful bathroom, something like this comes to mind.

Interior Nan Procknow and architect Don Ruggles

This bathroom is the opposite of my dream. 
I like the glass block window, but the patterned glass doors make me want to poke my eyes out.

  This is the bathroom our boys/guests share in our new house.  Here is the kicker--this bathroom is at the end of the hall.  So when you enter our home, if you turn left, you will see these crazy doors!  

Have I mentioned I'm not super patient?  
We are not going to make any major changes to this bathroom this year and I don't want to even waste time taking the doors off until we "do" the bathroom for real.

My solution?
Ignore the doors completely and cover them with a shower curtain.
I think it's much better.  Right?  
At least a bit easier on the eyes!
The curtain actually has a tiny mint green stripe that coordinates with the walls, and I didn't think it was too young or theme-y for guests.  I didn't take the rod up to the ceiling because I wanted to keep what was left of the natural light coming in.  

Love these hooks:

Now this is what you see down the hall. 

 Let's ignore the hall itself, the boob light, and the ancient thermostat.  
Like I said, we have a lot of work to do!

Have you ever dealt with ugly shower doors?  
Short of replacing them or riping them out, what was your fix?


  1. YES, it looks very nice!!! No fix for mine yet, though we are almost through with our master bath plan and we will be rippig them out!

  2. Thanks Cindy! Good luck with your bathroom!

    I should probably mention that the rest of the bathroom (including walls) are not what I would choose. This post is *just* regarding shower doors.

  3. The shower curtain does wonders! And I love the hooks too!

  4. Abby, I wonder if this would work?

  5. I think it's a great solution and I love your curtain- I have to admit though, I love the brass- I'm a steadfast gold/brass lover:)

  6. I think it was a good call to remove those doors. I like the look of the curtain much better.

  7. Boob light! I just laughed out loud.

  8. The shower curtain looks great! My neighbor did the same thing and it makes a huge difference! So far we have changed the doors on our downstairs bathroom but the master still has ugly doors. Luckily we are the only ones who see them!

  9. Abby great idea. I did the same in my rental apt. since I couldn't take down the doors. The other thing I did was put a liner on the inside, so the only cleaning I ever have to do on them is wiping dust from the runner once in awhile. Hooray for no water spots and the icky that builds up with the glass doors.

  10. Hi Abby. This is a great solution and looks fantastic. Patience is the hrdest thing, at least for me!

  11. Abby...that was a great solution and I have done that when staging homes....

  12. Clever solution, hon! Those are ridiculous with kids, aren't they? That darned track at the bottom... I ripped one of those out of our second house in a bit of a moment once. It actually doesn't leave too much devastation behind.. a little fill here and there... x

  13. Great interim solution! Boob light had me laughing too!

  14. That is exactly what I would have done. Love your shower curtain, what a difference a good cover-up will make, You did great,Kathysue

  15. Oh! At first I was so confused, wondering what I was missing with the shower doors (They looked ok to me)...but then I realized the pattern was ON them. Ugh. I think this is a great cover-up for the time being :)

    I was excited to have glass doors on the shower when we moved in here, but now I wish we just had a curtain - the doors are such a pain to keep clean.

  16. Wow, great fix and so easy too! The littlest things make such a big difference!

  17. Much better! I can't understand why glass block was ever popular.

    My dad still occasionally suggests it for projects. I have to kindly remind him it's not the 80's any more and please let me handle the aesthetic end of the business. :)

  18. WOW! That looks SO much better! Such a thrifty move! Hope you are loving your new place!

  19. LOL boob light!
    What a quick fix to those shower doors!
    Loving your nautical theme you're carrying throughout your house!

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