latest vintage finds

Estate & garage sales have a way of pulling you in.  
The possibility that you just might find something fabulous for a steal  is so alluring!

Here are a few of my latest vintage finds.
First, this little family of ducks is lacquered bronze.  
I love that there are two parents and two kids--just like us!
Price? $1

This is my favorite. I love the round hinges on the side, the cut-out details, and the claw feet!
I'm guessing this will land in our master bedroom, but we'll see.
Price? $3

On a whim I decided to follow some signs to an estate sale.
I couldn't resist this lamp with a milk glass shade.  A scalloped edge gets me every time.
This sweet lamp is going to live in our guest room.
Price? $15

Have you had any luck at the summer sales in your city?

This week has been crazy busy with the electrician here every day.  Once he is done it's the painters turn and I won't have to look at the living room color any longer!  It's a great color on its own, just not for us.
I hope you're getting ready for your long weekend. 
Who's hitting the garage sales with me?! ;-)


  1. I love love love the birds! Great find!!

  2. Love all of your finds! I've been holding myself back because we are moving in 4 weeks and I don't really want to buy anything we don't need at the moment. Once we are moved though, I will be a craigslist, garage/estate sale fool! We are moving to a bigger city and I can't wait!

  3. Those little ducks are SO cute!! love that little tray! Looks like a vintage keeper for sure!! I'm ready to hit some garage sales!! Great prices for amazing finds!

    Ps..I awarded you one of the top Versatile Blogger Awards! ;)
    Go check it out:


  4. I got a FABULOUS chair last weekend at a sale... great style and in great shape! (You can see a pic of it on my fb)

  5. That brass tray is so gorgeous and a major score at only 3 buckaroos! I *love* finding deals on awesome stuff...I actually just found some of the hydrangea covered eggs from pottery barn, originally $6 a pop, for .57. Yep. I bought all of them. (c:

  6. The ducks are so cute! I love it when there are fun personal accents in a room!

    Tiffany {living savvy}

  7. aw, I put the kids in swimming lessons saturday mornings - what was I thinking?!!! Every week I pass the signs on the way to the pool... can't wait til they're done :) I love the lamp you found!

  8. cool finds abby! LOVE that tray....

  9. Those birds are sweet! I am having a gold fetish right now so I am a bit jealous on your finds!

  10. Love all three of your finds! I've already started scoping Craig's List to find the garage sales in our area. Do you have any suggestions of how to scope out the estate sales vs garage sales? Sometimes on Craig's List they specifically say estate sale, but other than that I have no idea how to differentiate or find the good estate sales. I'm also craving to hit up an auction too.

  11. Yup I am a complete addict. Sadly this weekend I won't be going to any as I'll be down the shore. I know, I know it's a tough life. looking forward to beach time, but a part of me would rather be thrifting :)

    great finds!

  12. LOVE all of your finds! I would of bought them all too!!

  13. My jaw actually dropped when I saw that tray. $3?!??! are you kidding. It is gorgeous. and so useful. and claw-foot??? incredible find - love it!

  14. Fab finds! There's a yard sale on my street in a few weeks that I will definitely be having a gander at!

  15. They have this quality of being one. They all look good together.

  16. Those things looks good at your house. Especially the lamp. It's simple yet it looks classy.


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