client design board: pink & green bedroom

Here is the pink room I created for the T. house.  
This is for the youngest of the two sisters.

I wrote about the the headboard, chandelier, and dresser here.  The chandelier and mirror are both from the same vendor: Rebel.reclaimed.  I am obsessed with their store and I've talked about them here and here.  And just as a little teaser, I found the most amazing side table there and it's looking fantastic in our new house!  More on that soon...

The pink and green damask fabric is for a flat roman shade, and if you look 
very closely you'll see a piece of pom pom fringe.  The monogram is for over the bed.  Just click on the board and scroll down to see sources for the art.

We are also doing this treatment to the wall of the headboard:

  As always, I believe her room should be appropriate for a little girl, 
but also one she can grow into.
I hope you like it!

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  1. I absolutely love your design! I am always craving pink and green in a house full of boys and I would have loved to have that room as a kid. (I would love to have that room as an adult too! LOL) So, so pretty! Great job!

  2. Lovely, hon! She is going to be in little girl heaven - x

  3. This board is JUST darling. I can imagine she will love having her girlfriends over someday for sleepovers and she'll be so proud.

  4. This room is going to be so adorable...I'm so loving those cute little dress prints! I can't wait to see how that wall treatment turns out...and speaking of turning out, that kitchen redo is BANANAS!!! It turned out so fabulous, I probably wouldn't have been able to tell it was the same kitchen...amazing!

  5. Beautiful design, I can't wait to see the results. Pink and Green is such a fun combination!

  6. She is going to be so excited...a little girl's dream room - can't wait to see it finished, Abby!!

  7. I love that room inspiration! So beautiful! :)

  8. I love pink and green in a girl's room!

  9. So pretty! Adore the pink pom pom fringe, that's the kind of thing I would have gone crazy for as a child (still do actually)!

  10. Pink and green is the perfect combo for a little girl!! Can't wait to see these results too! You're getting some great work!!

  11. I am totally agree that there is no other as great combinations as pink and green, of course we should also add which and the things will be just perfect. Great work indeed.

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