Allegan County Antiques Market

Sunday I went with my friend Kristi to the Allegan Antiques Market.  What a blast!  I can't believe I didn't know this was going on just an hour away from home.  I found a few pieces for the T. house, and two for Holden's room.  Before I show you those, here are a few great pieces I loved.  Who knew we had our very own Scott's and we didn't even have to go to Atlanta, GA!?
If you saw yesterday's post you know our new house is brown with a capital "B"!  I want three chairs like this for our front stoop to add some color and liven it up a bit.  

I would love one of these bowls but I had too many other items on my list!

Gor-geous table.  
Can you even handle all the beautiful lines and details?

I bought this drum shade for Jack's room.  I think it's from the 50's.  It's so unique but still relevant and perfect for a little boy. :-)

This rocking bench was awesome but more than I wanted to spend.  It reminds me of weekends at my Grandma's cottage.  Wouldn't you love it in canary yellow? 

Kristi and I were all over this painting.  We were like moths to a flame.  The sad news is there was a white scratch near the ribbon in her hair that was really obvious in person. Major bummer.  

How fantastic are these baskets?  Next month I want one.  If my "new basement" client is reading this--I think this would be great in your space!

I bought this for the T. house.  We're going to use it for the pink bedroom.

I even found this full size bed for the same pink bedroom along with the dresser below!

.    I'm not crazy about the pink hardware, but it's an excellent brand and we did not pay full price!

This stunning beauty was $550.  A similar piece made today would easily cost thousands.

Could you die over these details!?

It took all my restraint not to buy this for one of my boys.  What boy wouldn't want a little fire truck sign in his room?

These doors are made of bubble glass.  Have you ever seen such doors?  This was the show stopper of the day.  Good thing Kristi didn't buy it because we had to work some serious magic just to fit everything in her truck.

See the magic?  This small SUV held a dresser, full bed, side table, painting, drum shade, two glass water jugs, a brass stool, and a chandelier.  It was nothing short of a miracle and I can't wait for next month!

Which piece is your favorite?
Is there a fantastic antique market in your area?  


  1. Favorite...Love it all!!! You found some amazing pieces! Well, maybe my favorites would be the sideboard and the buble glass hutch...BEAUTIFUL!

  2. i can't wait to see that shade in the boys room. i love it. AND you were right, the bubble hutch might have to be mine! so gorgeous!!! i had a blast, thanks for coming with. xoxo

  3. So much fun! I wish I could have shopped with you :)

  4. Oh my goodness...so much pretty! I loooove that girl painting and that antique console with the inlay- gorgeous. Also adore the headboard, dresser and chandy- great finds!!

  5. Great stuff! The drumshade has to be my favorite!! So unique!!

  6. Wow! You found some great things for your new house. Looking forward to seeing where they all end up.

  7. Wow, great finds! And that lampshade is so fun! Pictures like this get me excited for the warm weather and all the flea markets to come this season!

  8. You hit the jackpot!!! So many great finds all in one place. Can't wait to see the girls room come together!

  9. Looks like you have made some good choices! Can't wait to see where you use them.


  10. I love the rocking bench - and you're right - yellow would be perfect! I thought maybe you rented a Uhaul :) But great that everything fit in one vehicle.

  11. I'm totally in love with the headboard you bought...perfect!!

  12. You found some beautiful things...the table is particulary georgous. A very satisfying day I would think.

  13. Fun!! I always find if you start buying one thing you end up buying a LOT in these kind of places!

  14. Abby....aren't you so excited you found that place! AND...I am sure the prices are much better than Scotts...for real! I love everything you loved :)

  15. You must of have had a great day. I haven't been to a flea market in a very long time so maybe I will go this summer. Great finds.

  16. Are you kidding me? How can that not be near me???? I would have loved to go with you two. Great finds, I love them all. the chairs in the first picture -- my parents have those originals on their porch! Love them. This T house -- can't wait to see some progress...

  17. You found some gorgeous pieces! Don't think I could pick a favourite...

    And I'm super impressed you fit all of that into one car haha

  18. I have heard about the Allegan Antiques Market for years and have never made a pilgrimage. After seeing your finds and hearing your endorsement, I'll have to pick up my sister in law in Kalamazoo and venture on over sometime soon!

  19. I'm jealous of all your finds! LOVE that bench, too bad it did not go home with you...also, that little headboard! I need to go shopping with you...

  20. The lamp shade for Jack's room is brilliant and will be the piece that makes the room.

    As far as Great Scavenger Hunt Markets. if you are in Texas or Louisiana, don't miss TheUrbanMarketHouston.com. Wonderful show!


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