practical vs. stylish: bunk beds

Hi there!  I'm researching bunk beds for the T. house {client} because they are really hoping for them in one of the bedrooms.  I have to say that I haven't seen bunk beds done well.  They always seem to consume the whole space.  I know they are practical but can they be stylish?

After a bit of searching, here are some I think are done fairly well.

Family Shelter Adopted Room eclectic bedroom

 The Upward Bound House by Typhanie Peterson contemporary kids

Connie Braemer via House and Home

Palmer Weiss

As usual, Sara Richardson shows us how it's done.  I really like the idea of wallpaper behind the beds to give replace the effect of a headboard and just add STYLE--which I think can be difficult to accomplish when bunk beds feel so practical.
Sarah Richardson

How do you feel about bunk beds?  
What?!  You've never thought about them let alone had feelings about bunk beds?  ;-)  Well, stay tuned because I think we're "going there" and I won't be happy unless the room looks fantastic.


  1. Done right, I love them!! I did a whole post on them a while back haha

  2. Here it is!

  3. My husband built bunk beds for 2 of our girls a long time ago. They were adorable & the kids loved them. I am not a fan of the larger mattress below but both the same. I say go for it & good luck!

  4. Cute finds! I like bunks that are (or feel) built in, bun-house style. I may have some inspiration picks around--if I come across them, I'll send them your way.

  5. I have seen some beautiful ones in blogland recently. I really like the Palmer Weiss bunk beds.

  6. I agree with you, bunk beds have to be set up in the right corner of a room to look appropriate...all of these are done right, even left functional!

  7. I'm all, for stylish bunk beds. I have two boys close in age and they loved them.

  8. Love Sara Richardson's version, painted bunks, beautiful wallpaper behind, go for it!

  9. Love the last photo! I wouldn't mind bunk beds if they are stylish like these.

  10. One of my boys has bunk beds, I think it is the same ones in the Palmer Wieiss room, from Pottery Barn. I don't love it, but then again, his room has yet to be fully decorated. I do love the look of built in bunkbeds, but that would be quite the endeavor.

  11. Adore Palmer and Sarah's versions. So great!

  12. abby, check out this post :


  13. Thank you Lili & Brittany for the links!! I love the look of the custom/built-in bunk beds. I don't think we'll be doing that in this house.

    That's the trick to bunk beds--Can you really make them look beautiful just as they are?

  14. Hi! New here :)

    Haven't thought about it since the college bunk bed I slept in for an entire year. That was NOT stylish..

    These on the other hand are dreamy and perfect.

  15. I love bunk beds!

    (Hi! New Twitter follower, by the way.)

    You know what else I love? WALPAPER! Way underrated, I think.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures! : )

  16. Oh what child doesn't want a bunk bed? I know I did as a kid, my girls begged us for them. It goes with the territory of being a kid, I think! I love the images you show, especially Sarah Richardson's I agree. But can a kiddo on the top bunk be trusted not to peel the wallpaper on sleepless, mad at mom nights? LOL. I'm sure whatever you do will be gorgeous!

  17. I adore bunk bed...esp. the ones with a larger bed on the bottom with a twin up top (I don't know why but the asymmetry make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) )


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