new dinning room inspiration

Amy Neinsinger Interiors

Each of these rooms contains at least one element I'm using as inspiration for our new dinning room.  Speaking of that--14 days from now I will have already spent the first night in the house.
But who's counting?

decor pad 


Yes, it's Christmas decor, but look at the room instead.
Nate Berkus

Palmer Weiss

Sarah Richardson

Country Living

via razmatazblog, source unknown

Don't you love the color on that piece?  I may paint my Grandmother's hutch/dresser that sames shade.

And let's not forget what inspired it all in the first place.
This beauty.

Which room do you like best?  


  1. I really love the chandelier in the Christmas room!!!!

  2. They're all gorgeous! I'm really loving the white-on-white rooms...might just be a need to ditch all the dark winter stuff though haha

  3. I don't know how you are sleeping at night! I know your brain is going crazy designing you new place. I'm jealous cause it is so fun to start over :)

  4. love the couch&chair mixture! But in reality the room with the chalkboard is most realistic!
    xoxo em
    happy weekend

  5. I think my favorite is the Country Living one because it's intimate. So I take it you're thinking of a white dining room, lol! It will be gorgeous I'm sure. I also love the warmth of the wood floor with white in the chalkboard one.

  6. These are great pictures. I love something about every one of them...the wallpaper used by Sarah Richardson is amazing and I'll be finding a place to use it in my house someday!

  7. #6 and #8 would be my faves! Although, let's be honest. With THAT chandelier any room will look beyond amazing! Can't wait to see how it'll turn out! xo, Gabriella

  8. All absolutely incredible.. the first one took my breath away! Although I love the sarah richardson one because that blue banquette is calling my name!

  9. Hard to pick a favorite. They are all so fresh and fun. The chandeliers just make these spaces, along with the fab neutral palettes. I like your style. Mona

  10. Love them all but especially the one with the blackboard wall!! Beautiful! Love the oversized ligths and all the white! STUNNING!

  11. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! All of these rooms are fab, especially love the white chairs, in any form!

  12. I love love the light fixture in the Nate dining room! I'm so excited for you! Totally counting down now - huh?!

  13. Hmmm...it's a toss up between the Amy Neinsinger and the Palmer Weiss for me, but all of them are fabulous, I would live there. (c: I am on board with you, I would be counting the *SECONDS* until we moved into the new place! I'm so excited to see you work your magic on the place...


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