Dear Abby...low windows in the master

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Dear Abby...should I buy this headboard
 for our master bedroom?  I'm looking for a low profile headboard so it won't cover the windows above the bed.
"A." was kind enough to send me pictures of her bedroom.  
Here is a picture of the room now.

Let's take a step back so we can see the whole wall.

I would only recommend the headboard from West Elm on
 two conditions:
1) You love it so much your heart skips a beat.
2) You're going to transform the room to be very contemporary.

If you were my client...
I would try to steer you away from the low headboard for a few reasons.  There is a lot of wood going on in the room already.  For contrast and softness, I would recommend an upholstered headboard.  You can make it yourself with plywood, batting, and fabric.  The best part is that you can cut the headboard to fit around your windows.  I would even advise you to have some curves in your headboard because of all the straight lines from the windows and the room. 

 Here are some examples:
Serena and Lily

If that style is too curvy then this is another option I like.  
If you're interested in tackling this as a DIY here is a video tutorial to walk you through the steps.

I might also switch to an organic, relaxed roman shade on the windows.  Again, it just adds more curves and feeling of lightness without being too fussy.  This one is from Etsy.

What do you think?  Do you agree?  
Did anyone have this same window dilemma in their bedroom?
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  1. I agree! That curved on from Serena and Lily is just perfect. Interesting shape, light color. Good find, Abby :)

  2. I totally agree..you need the headboard to contrast with the wood and there needs to be a more organic shape to soften the look from the straight lines of the wall and windows

  3. Exactly what I would do! Love this series.

  4. I def agree with you Abby.


  5. I agree with you. Only buy it if you really do love it!

  6. Great suggestions Abby! I am working on a Family Room project with lots of wood as well....neutral fabrics are great for taking the edge off!

  7. I agree, Abby. Fabric in any color would soften the space.

  8. I totally agree...would add a softness to the room. Hope you have a great weekend, Abby!!

  9. Such great advice! I don't think she can go wrong with an upholstered headboard, no matter what her style.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Abby...perfect advice! You nailed it.


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