reason #572 to hire a designer

I received this picture on my phone Saturday from one of my e-design clients.
They had ripped out their ceiling to add insulation.  
More on that in a bit...

I am always amazed by how much we will spend on our hair {$80-$120} and some of us visit or stylist every six to eight weeks!  Maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about and cut your own hair, but as a wise friend once told me, "don't try to save money so close to your face"!  ;-)  
I could probably cut my own hair but Lord knows it could look so much better if I went to a professional.  They are worth the money! 

Many people will hesitate to spend the money on a designer/decorator/stylist.  They might shop around online and visit a few stores before purchasing their furniture and it could look nice. BUT the odds are you're going to be looking at that sofa (paint color, light fixture, countertop) for the next 10-20 years.  Are you sure you're making the best choice? 
 Hiring a professional can save you the hassle of making a mistake the first time  and ensure you're achieving the best look for your money and your home.

Back to the picture:
Do you recognize this room?  I've talked about it here.

Before they ripped out the ceiling it looked like this:
See the beams?  

Kara called me to say that they had taken out the ceiling and that the beams and discovered they were decorative!  They wanted to know if they should put them back on the ceiling or leave them off.
My answer?  No beams.  
They magnify the angled ceiling and make the right side of the room appear even lower.

Then I suggested that while they are up there they should consider wiring their dinning room area (you can see a portion of it above) for a light fixture.  Currently, there was only a pot light in this space.  This saves them the trouble and money of having to do this later when we tackle the dinning room. Tom thought I might appreciate a picture of his handy work!

That was reason #572 to hire a designer.  
Actually, I think I mentioned a few reasons here.
1) They save you time.
2) They save you money.
3) They have ideas you may not.

Happy Monday ya'll!  I was inspired watching Emily Henderson's show over the weekend and I think I'm going to paint some pillows this week.  I'll keep you posted!  No luck on the house hunting and just 39 days until we have to be out of our house.  No pressure.

If you would like professional help making your home a space you'll love for years to come, contact me at abby@adelightfuldesign.com!


  1. So agree. My experience with a designer has been such a good one and she has definitely thought of things that I never would have. Ans ps, so wish we got Emily's show here in Canada! Sending you house finding positive thoughts:)

  2. Painting fabric pillows? I'll be anxious to see that as I have some curtains I'd like to paint and have wondered if that is possible. I agree, that if you can afford a designer, it's the best option for most people. Karen

  3. Great post Abby... all so true! I find when people do it on their own they often times get furniture in the wrong size/scale for their home!

    Oh and I keep forgetting to DVR Emily's show. Dang!

  4. Good luck on finding a home! I recorded Emily's show and cant wait to watch it!

  5. I totally agree! I haven't seen emily's show yet.. I have to check it out. This painting pillows thing has me intrigued!

  6. How true Abby. Great advice. I often tell clients that I'm not a plumber and would never dream of fixing my own pipes as they are critical to my house. Why make design decisions on your own when how your home looks and feels affects you every.single.day? In reference to hair, as you pointed out, having your home in dissaray is the equivalent to a bad hair day every day of the year. Yikes. I'd rather hire someone!

  7. Totally agree. Everything you use everyday, especially the items that are indispensable, should be their absolute best (within possibilities). That's why it always takes my months to find the exact right glasses. I mean, they sit right on my face all day everyday! :-)

  8. So true! (And it's a good excuse to call my friend :) )
    Love that Tom sent you more pictures that I didn't even know he had taken ;)

  9. # 572 reasons you are so cute!!! Happy Monday!

  10. Agree. All really good reasons to hire.

  11. They are lucky to have you on their side, hon! Totally agree about the beams - x

  12. Good job in pointing out the wiring to your client....they'll be happy they hired you! Can't wait to see the painted pillows you want to try!

  13. You. Go. Girl. That was very good advice about the beams and the light! Gotta stay ahead of the game for them!


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