new house tour: lower level

I am counting down the days until we close on our new house.  
Here are a few features I'm looking forward to.
doubling our square footage
open floor plan
main floor laundry
central vac
gas stove
attached garage
bigger yard
huge living room/great room
having a guest bedroom
creating an office space
spacious basement for the kids to go crazy

Now can you understand why I'm counting down?
I know the house doesn't have the "wow" factor from the street.  But I kind-of like that it's so unassuming and my hope is that you'll be wow'd when you come in the door.  Eventually we'll change the exterior but it's low on my list.

I gave you a tour of the main level earlier this week and today I thought I'd share the lower level!

No, this is not a telemarketing firm (Emily) but where their three boys did their homework.  I'm planning to magically turn this into my office.  Do you think it can be done?    
To the right of this hallway/office space is an unfinished, decent sized space that I'd like to trick-out as a huge mudroom.  I found plenty of inspiration from Sara Richardson's example.

There are not very good photos of the basement, but these are all from the MLS.  This is from the far right corner and shows the play area.  Yes, there is a random bar in the middle of the room.  When we "do the basement" we will fix the ceiling and lighting.  Yikes.
This image is from the other side.  Can you see the sofa in line with the poles?  There is actually a whole TV area in that section that they didn't picture.  So there is plenty of room for play dates and parties.  Ideally, I'd like to add an office that could also serve as a bedroom.  But for now I like that the kids can run around and not ruin anything.
Well friends, that completes the new house home tour.  If you need me I'll be counting.. :-)


  1. I am so happy for you....I can see why you are counting down the days!.....I am in awe of how wonderful the office space is going to be!!!

  2. Oh, I think the house is quite charming from the outside. I have quite the affection for ranches right now.

  3. oh Abby, this house just keeps getting better & better!! can't wait to live vicariously through you, as you make it over into your design showroom!! :)

  4. What a huge and chock-full-of-potential space. Although that bar is . . . quite random! :) Can't wait 'til you move!

    That office is going to be killer when you're done with it!

  5. Looks great! Tons of potential! Best of luck with everything!!

  6. What an awesome space for your home office and great place for the kids to play...congrats on your new home!


  7. I am so in love with your new house. I mean....REALLY in love! And it is only going to get even more awesome with you doing your thing there.....ohmygoodness....I am giddy!! :D

  8. Awesome!! We looked at a house that had just recently remodeled their basement and they decided to tile the poles with really pretty glass tiles. I would have never thought anything of the poles if they weren't tiled, but I did notice the extra touch and really liked it.

  9. All of that room...it is going to be wonderful!

  10. That is a HUGE space with oodles of potential- can't wait to see what you do with it Abby!!

  11. I'm imagining so many amazing things you can do with this house!!
    I'm sure they'll be shocking before and afters!!!

  12. That space is awesome! So much room to run around. You will have so much room to spread out in your office!


  13. def plenty of room for parties! i love it :)

  14. it looks like a great house with lots of potential. Also, that basement is great! We can't have those here in Coastal SC and so Im totally jealous!

  15. how exciting! we too are getting ready to move...from seattle to dallas. which means... new house to decorate! pam

  16. Ha Ha...that homework area is so funny :)
    It does look like a real estate office or something like that!

  17. This is a great basement! You'll be able to do so much - and yes, the boys will use it to run around for now. I miss that we don't have a rec area type basement now, but the happiness of being where we are overrides all the imperfections. Can't wait for your updates!

  18. Hellloooo in there.... What fantastic space -- you're gonna LOVE THAT for the boys! :)

  19. Great house w/ lots of potential! Good luck w/ it and will be interested to see all of your design updates.

  20. You had me at doubling the square footage! So awesome, how exciting to completely decorate a new house...we are in the same boat, we are moving in June. Look forward to seeing pics of what you do with the new house.

  21. Wow! What I would do to have this kind of space!!! It's awesome! And great for homework too! :)

  22. I love this house!!! It is perfect for y'all! Love all the space-- jealous!

  23. I missed this! Congrats Abby! I love the huge basement - perfect for young kids - I'm going to go check out the main floor..and that cedar siding on the garage is lovely. Once you splash around some flowers and add your own touches this exterior will shine - x


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