house a home

What makes your house a home?

photo by Marta Malviya

Today I am talking about what makes my house a home 
at one of my favorite new reads: All Things Bright and Beautiful.
Come and see my love of wallpaper, color, pattern, and Aubrey's fantastically chic blog!  Click here to read my post.  Leave a comment and let me know what part of design makes your house a home.

Have you entered the giveaway for the original painting by Sarah Carter?  You still have time to enter!  


  1. What makes a house a home? I guess it would be the family in it.

  2. Off to read your post and for me, artwork...some by the kids, some passed down from family, some new additions.

  3. What a great introduction, thanks so much! The post looks fantastic!!! Thanks again for being a guest!!!

  4. Ashly- Maybe a better question would be what makes your home a house? :-)

  5. I love Ina's cook books! Just got one for Christmas.


  6. Ha! thanks for your comment...guess I'm so sensitive :)
    and value your opinion. Hey, don't you love those Barefoot Contessa books?
    Mary Ann

  7. I love decorative pillows and books! I wish I had some wallpaper though.

  8. Oh did I ever laugh over your comment. My husband could have easily have said that. And like you, I am totally "in to" my surroundings...loving a pretty home too. He likes to tease me about my thrifting finds...deep down I know he likes it. I love those pillows. Talk about Pop! Nice to meet you and find your blog.


  9. Back again..forgot to answer your questions. Besides the people in the home, I love pieces of furniture that tell a story. Of course that is usually antique furniture and dishes, etc. Makes a home unique and interesting imo.

  10. I keep seeing your face pop up all over blog world and just HAD to stop by! I love Barefoot...LOVE! :)


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