getting busy: Etsy calling cards

Look what I ordered!
My personalized cards should arrive any day!  I ordered them last week after an incredibly embarrassing moment at the paint store.  

I'm getting busy with new clients, so I hit the paint store to pull some large samples.  While I was there a woman said she might want to hire me to help select a paint color for her condo.  I did not have a card to give her.  She wrote down my information, but I have yet to hear from her.  Let me tell ya--that will NEVER happen again.  I could have fallen through the floor with embarrassment.  

I would love letterpress calling cards but I'm not ready to spend the money.
I quickly fell in love with the selection at 

Click on any picture to visit her store!

There are some serious before and after shots coming soon from old and new client projects.  You're going to love them!  Sometimes I have to pinch myself with gratitude that I am actually following my passion and doing what I love.

We're off to look at three houses today with world's best Walter, our Realtor.  He is seriously the best.  He found us three homes that aren't even listed!!  To read more about our house hunt click here.

What are your plans?
Do you have any embarrassing moments you'd like to 
share to make me feel better?!

If you would like more information about my design services and creating a delightful space you will love, click here or contact me at abby@adelightfuldesign.com.


  1. Your cards are gorgeous!!! I need to redo mine-they're all floppy like- want giant thick cardstock! Anyhoo- love the selection you found and am definitely going to check it out. And ps, I must have missed something- what happened to the house you bought???

  2. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying life so much! I read your posts frequently, just never seem to have time to comment. Good luck house hunting... what fun that must be!

  3. Aww...yay! You do need those cards....but I wouldn't be embarrassed if I were you.....I totally wouldn't think twice about it if someone I encountered, like yourself, didn't have a card. I am so incredibly happy for you!!

  4. Christine-
    We finally decided to buy the house (post inspection) then the sellers told us they were taking it off the market. Big (traumatizing) drama. It just wasn't meant to be!

    Think of you and the girls often! I would love to hear from you.

  5. I have so many moments I don't even know where to begin! The cards are so cute!

  6. Those look so fun!! Love the colours and patterns!

  7. Ooh, I love those cards, Abby! What color?!! I am just getting ready to order new ones, as well..

  8. These are all so gorgeous! Isn't it exciting to choose a card for yourself?! yay!

  9. Those are absolutely *stunning*! It's making me wish I actually had a reason to get some printed up in that fabulous cheveron stripe! (c:

  10. Aubrey- You should still order some!! Put the name of the your blog on the front, your name on the back and then your contact info. Do it up!! :-)

    My cards came today and I LOVE them!!

  11. I just found your blog and so glad I did. I've been needing to order some cards for a while as well. Thanks for sharing this inspiration!

  12. No embarassing moments recently but your cards are great! Very you.(-:

  13. Can't wait to see your card! You are a rising star my friend :)

  14. Seriously they are stunning! Cant wait to see yours when they arrive xo

  15. i'm tickled that you like your new cards! i thought they turned out super cute (but i'm a little biased....). thanks for the post! pam

  16. love these cards! And love the new series "Dear Abby". Thanks for your comments, dear friend.

  17. These cards are so cute! I totally need a reason to order some!


  18. Can not wait to see the new cards looks like they will be really fun, and the projects.


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