discovering your style

An easy way to discover your style is to grab a current catalog and group all of your favorite pieces together. This allows you see everything you love in one place even if you wouldn't necessarily buy them.  

The Ballard Designs catalog arrived yesterday and I pulled my favorites.  
Someone buy one of these so I can live through you!?  
I love color in my home and one reason that works is by keeping my big pieces neutral.  
love these for a rich dinning room

perfect for master bedroom...entry...home office

I'd like this over my future kitchen island.

Once you have all of your pieces together, take a look around your home and decide what does not work.  What have you been holding onto that you don't absolutely love and enjoy? 
 Then use your group of favorite pieces for inspiration.  Can you change something you have?  Look for similar shaped pieces (especially lamps) at thrift stores. 
 Look for art with the same color story at flea markets and Craig's list.  
Then sit back and enjoy a home that tells your story!

Are any of theses your style?


  1. Hi Abby, I think my style is in transition! I used to be very traditional, but now I am moving towards contemporary. After moving several times in as many years I've cleared out all old decorations and am ready for new ones - after painting! I'm stuck in the living room though because the sofa set we bought only 4 yrs ago is now too traditional and I can't find a way to "contemporize" it. (how's that for a made-up word!) btw, I saw your Dear Abby idea - that's great, are you still doing it?

  2. Gorgeous picks! I love the mirror and those maps! And the chandelier is lovely!!

  3. umm yeah, you could say that! my issue is that i have different styles within me!! love modern, clean... romantic & shabby...etc. seems i am conflicted when it comes time to choose one over the other. :P

  4. Nan-
    Yes, I'm working on a "dear Abby" post now. Feel free to pass along any questions to my inbox!!

  5. I love Ballard design! Such good ideas.

  6. I love it all! If someone steps forward to buy it, please let me know b/c I'd like to live through them too!

  7. Great picks! I hope you are having a great day!

  8. I love the sunburst mirror & the chandelier. Im all for starting with neutral basics my home is the same & adding & taking away pops of colour as the mood takes me

  9. that chandelier over a kitchen island would be fantastic! I would love to see you use that!

  10. I like your style! We obviously have similar taste!

  11. Abby,
    Love the pictures from Ballard. They have so many cute things and that chandelier is gorgeous!
    I guess my style is Traditional/Coastal/British Colonial with a dash of French Country! You know, I probably like too many styles to classify myself but those are the ones I think are represented in my home!

  12. Love the Camille chandelier! Great choices!!!!

  13. Ballards is a great place to start as their price point can't be beat for stylish items. I LOVE that mirror....and the chandelier.....

  14. Ballards is one of my favorites! Love that petite chandy - would be great in a kitchen.

  15. I think those panels belong in my wine room :)

  16. Love the geometric carpet, love the cream sofa, love the starburst, love the the geometric curtains, love the lamp, love the chandelier...love it ALL!


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