Dear Abby...music room

Dear Abby...
I am turning my Dining Room into a Music Room and need advice on what to do about the china cabinet--keep it in there?  Try and live with it in a different room?  I am really limited by a lack of wall space elsewhere, and not sure if it would fit into a family room setting. 

Hi friends! Welcome to another installment of "Dear Abby" where I dole out design advice to your dilemmas.
Michelle from That Mommy Blog sent me the above picture of her dinning room.  
What to do with the beautiful china cabinet?  

 Michelle has a few options.  
Here's what I would do.
1)  Use the china cabinet in the family room but replace the china with books and found objects.  Maybe keep a few plates, but overall you're treating it like built-ins.
2) Move the cabinet to the hallway/entry and again mix books, objects, and plates.
3) Upstairs hall or master bathroom filled with towels and linens.

I would love to see a guitar hung on each wall flanking the doorway to the kitchen.  

I would place two club chairs facing where the keyboard is now with a table in between.
And a rectangular, flat weave rug to go over the carpet.

What would you do?

**If you have a design dilemma or question you would like answered, submit your question and necessary photos to abby@adelightfuldesign.com.**


  1. love all 3 of your suggestions.. your 1st & 3rd were both the first two things that popped into my head! :)

  2. Those are great ideas Abby! I really liked #3 - love to see linens or neatly folded clothing in glass cabinets.

  3. I love your suggestions. China storage can be tough if u use it a lot. So many people use great pieces for it and never use it. I say repurpose! :). This is a great series.

  4. I just moved my china cabinet to the living room and did exactly as you suggested here so definintely think that's a great one- any of your choices there would work brilliatly.

  5. The name of this is too cute...and great suggestions! I'm going to send you all of my design dilemmas too and then I don't have to think about them (c; hehehe...Have a great weekend!

  6. I'd also sew a fun fabric cover / slipcover for the piano. But that's just me, I've always got sewing on the brain. . .

  7. First thought was to fill it with linens and place in master bath! Love that you thought that too. The only other thing would be to consider keeping it in the space and filling it with books of music and other collectibles related to music! Such a great idea of a post, love it!! M.

  8. My dining room is tiny, and my china cabinet lives in the front hall, filled with vases and books. It's unexpected and I love the look. That's a great solution here :)

  9. Love all the comments! Thanks so much to Abby for featuring my design dilemma:)

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