Dear Abby...i had big plans

I had big plans for two installments of my "dear Abby" series today but blogger has other ideas. {*&#%}
Apparently I've reached my limit of pictures uploaded to blogger.  I think it may be a couple days before I am able to add photos so I'm sending you over to Jill's IT list for plenty of lovely links!  

I had an amazing time participating in the IT list but decided to fill your Fridays
 with "dear Abby" questions instead. 

Don't know what "dear Abby" is all about?  Read on!
When I originally made changes to the design of this blog I set-up this page as a place where you could ask questions.  I see that some of you click on it, but no one is too keen on leaving questions.  Instead, I am receiving your questions via e-mail or Facebook
 Whichever way works for you is fine with me!  Chances are if you have a question then someone else probably has a similar one. 

"Dear Abby..." is an opportunity for me to solve your problems or give inspiration more publicly.
Do you have a design dilemma that has been bugging you?  Send me your question and picture to be considered.  abby@adelightfuldesign.com 


  1. Oh no. That same thing happened to me recently. The good thing is it didn't cost much to upgrade.

  2. I've never heard of that happening. Never knew there was a limit!

  3. Oh man! I had no idea this could happen!

  4. I love your dear Abby idea! And I had that happen a while back- luckily it's only a couple of dollars to upgrade.

  5. That happened to me! I paid their fee, logged off and logged in again and I could upload images within minutes. Happy weekend!

  6. such a great idea! love your blog! new follower here!
    xoxo em


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