who needs flowers?

What I really want for Valentine's Day is this:

The moment I saw this "Bone Sunburst Mirror" I was smitten.  You can ask for a $269.00 mirror for Valentine's day, right?  ;-)  I pains me to be like everyone else {it stretched me to choose chevron pillows} which is yet another reason why this mirror and I would make such a good pair.  
She's different than her gold cousins but just as stunning.  

I must have a thing for white mirrors. 
 I've used this one before:
coco mirror, clayton gray home, $2,800.00

This is also gorgeous for a fraction of the price.
Atoll mirror, ballard designs

I painted this mirror white before Christmas.

Need more convincing?

 I love everything about this room.  
Wallpaper? Check.  White Sofa?  Check.  Tufting, blue, animal print, huge white mirror, great lamps? CHECK!
  I might change the rug but otherwise I'm moving in.

Hello, gorgeous...

In the end I think you deserve a few flowers with your white mirror!  I so appreciate you and am thankful to have you join me in my love of design.  
Have a wonderfully sweet Valentine's day!

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  1. I love white mirrors too Abby. Great images in your post. Happy Valentine's day!


  2. Happy valentines day! I have a thing for white mirrors too.

  3. I love the white mirrors...right now I am on my way to do the same thing to a big black and gold one I found for n o $$$$. I will let you see how it turns out. I hope as well as these.

  4. I like the way you think! I ask for decor on every occassion! The mirror is you. Go for it!

  5. Beautiful mirrors. Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. I agree the room with that wallpaper is so gorgeous! Thanks for this inspiration, I'm thinking about re-doing a mirror in my entry...now I have some great ideas! Happy V-day!

  7. girl.. those are some fabulous white mirrors!! {i have a large leaning mirror that i'm beggin' hubs to let me paint white!..might be long battle..lol}
    happy Valentines!

  8. I'd rather have that mirror than some chocolates too! so pretty!

  9. Gorgeous. I'm with you on white mirrors. That first one is stunning.

  10. Man, a well-placed mirror can totally transform a space. I am particularly drawn to the ornate mirror placed against the utilitarian brown-brick wall in the bathroom. I wish I had space for such luxuries!!

  11. the first is beautiful, but the ballard designs one definitely suits the romantic vibe of the day - great pics, Abby!

  12. Everything in the BD catalog makes my heart sing :) I love white mirrors, and am actually on the hunt for one for my family room! Happy Hearts Day!

  13. I love big, beautiful mirrors that sit opposite a window with a view (preferably of trees). There is nothing better.

    Well obviously many things are better, but you know...

  14. Abby, I love white mirrors...no need for flowers!!! LOVE

  15. Just ordered a 6'tall white rococo mirror for my fireplace. Can't wait...

  16. You had me at white....mirrors, couches, walls....I'm in!

  17. Oh all are so fabulous. That mirror is great!


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