retail therapy

I went to visit Old Navy to spend a gift card and may have spent some of our own money as well.
I only picked up a few pieces, but I could have bought much, much, more.
Isn't Old Navy looking good this spring?!

I pulled a few of my favorites.  
Just click on the board and scroll down for links to each piece.
Gold boat shoes?  Yes please.  I clearly have a certain affinity to green, blue, and metalics. :-)

Which piece would you choose?


  1. My brother and sister in law gave me $100 to Old Navy for Christmas and just last week I spent it all plus some...some of your choices above are now part of my wardrobe! :)

  2. Pink puffy heart the ON spring line! Great picks

  3. Jessica-
    How fun! That's a generous gift card you received. Now I want to know which pieces from the board you have!!

  4. Oooo...loving those espadrilles!! So cute for with all the cute crops coming out! (c:

  5. Love that cute little plaid top. Glad to see they have a cute spring line coming out... I wasn't too impressed with last year.

  6. Great picks! I like the boat shoes and the earrings. Now I'm going to have to make a trip to ON now!

  7. Wow they DO have some cute things!! I'd definitely go for the gold boat shoes :)
    Have a great weekend Abby!

  8. These are great! It has been so long since I have shopped for clothes and with the warmer temps it is a little tempting. Good thing ON is cheap.



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