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Spring is just around the corner and if you have the itch to make changes but don't want to spend a huge amount of cash, Overstock could be the answer.  I know that whichever house we choose will need to be changed.  I just can't help but walk into a home and immediately see what needs to be done! 
 I thought I'd pull a few favorites of mine that looked like good deals 
to remind you what is available at Overstock.
Scroll to the bottom to get your discount code for 10% off your purchase!!
As always, click on any image you like to be taken to its source.

Hello gorgeous faucet.  Won't you be mine?

There are so many drum shades available, but what I love about this is the price and the crystal finial.
Delight in the details!

If we get the "W" house I will be buying a few of these stools.  
They offer different sizes and finishes depending on your taste.  I love the vintage industrial feel.

Tufting?  Nailhead trim?  Um-yes.  

We will be in need of rugs for the new place.  I love a graphic print like this, but they also carry natural fiber and shag. I highly recommend wool unless you or your children are allergic.
The wool rug below will last forever. 
Hand-tufted Wool Rug (5x8), $164.99

Finally, we're back to the Micheal Kors gold watch that I've already talked about here, and here
 I figure if I just keep talking about it, eventually it will appear.  
I'll be sure to let you know how that works out!
But just look at the price on this one!

Are you ready for your 10% off?  
Just enter my discount code at checkout.  
 The discount code is:121745, good for 10% off Overstock products (excluding movies, books, and electronics).  This discount code never expires, however, it can only be used once per email address. All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. What's even better is they offer $2.95 shipping regardless of the size of the order. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, 
however, I was provided with a discount code.

Are you an overstock shopper?  What's your favorite purchase?
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  1. I never have before but your post may have just convinced me and holy watch batman!!! Lovely finds.

  2. All these are great finds. My favorite is the rug - very pretty.

  3. I bought our family rug from O and was really about it!

  4. I always seem to forget about the "O"... thanks for the reminder! Great picks!

  5. great finds. Everything appears to be good quality. I've had mixed results with the big O.. have loved the rugs I've gotten, but hated my headboard...

  6. Great finds...love overstock...shopping without leaving the couch! I'll use the code...just got my pillows from Masonmoonbeams...Love them!

  7. The stools are great. I have never bought anything from overstock but I would be willing to.

  8. Great items! I hope you are having a great day!

  9. I will take 1 of each....and when we are done....can you fly down here and help me decorate my next home {whichever one that becomes)? Really I just want a buddy to enable me while I buy. :) How much fun would we have?


  10. You need to get yourself that watch. Give it to yourself when you land your next big job :)

  11. i am a regular overstock shopper and i just love it!! i have gotten great deals on items from rugs to clothing :)

  12. Thanks for this coupon code! Just used it to order a rug for our master bedroom. Happy Valentine's day to me :)

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