goodbye and hello: the hunt continues

We had to say goodbye to the "W" house.
 That was the house with all the water damage that we were hoping to renovate.  Well, the owners decided they wanted to make the changes themselves and list the house again for a higher price. 

But then our amazing Realtor sent me this property before it even went on the market and we immediately scheduled a showing.  Seriously--love our Realtor.
 The funny part is this home is on the same street as the "W" house.  I think it's fate.

We conveniently had my dad in town over the weekend so we all went for the tour.

The back porch, yard, and location is what really sold us on the house.  That and all the square footage!  The porch alone is bigger than our current living room.
all pics from MLS

There are countless cosmetic elements I would change,
and I am dying to renovate the kitchen.
But today we are going for a second showing and I think our hunt might be over.

Thank you for all your comments {holy smokes} on my living room reveal post. \
 I really appreciate your feedback and love my readers! 

 Real design posts are coming up--less about me and more to help you.  Promise.  Although I will be sharing a bit from little shin-dig we hosed over the weekend.  


  1. Abby, this looks like a keeper! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Good Luck!

  2. that is a beautiful house. love that screened porch.

  3. Abby, what a gorgeous home!! I love this one!

  4. WOW! Hope this one works out for you, such a gorgeous location for raising a family, and the house is wonderful :)

  5. OMG its absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky that you get so much space in the US! Cant wait to see inside!
    Rachie xo

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I love the shaker shingled facade and that screened in porch is amazing. Good luck!!

  7. I love the house and the front yard! I hope it goes well on the second showing.

  8. Wow! I'm sold... what a great looking house! I'd love to have a screened in porch like that! Great curb appeal from the front too! Good luck!

  9. Holy curb appeal! I love it. I love that little porch between the garage and the main house.

  10. Hi Abby!!

    I sneak a peak at your blog every little chance I get but don't often have extra time to leave a comment but I do today! I LOVE that house, I can't wait to see pics of the inside and I really hope everything works out for you. We're totally settled in our new house now, best way to get unpacked and decorated is to invite a bunch of people over the week after you move : )I'll send you pics when I get around to taking some. Miss you!


  11. I am in love with your hopefully new house. From the outside appearance, to the lovely backyard, to the front cubby area / outdoor mudroom, and the screened porch. It looks like heaven!

  12. I could just go on and on and on about the charm of that house!! I love the clapboard on the front, and what a backyard view! LOVE! Good luck!

  13. Beautiful home...love the back room! Hope everything goes well!

  14. That's great. I hope everything works out!

  15. That home just looks cozy! Still in GR? I really hope it is the one for you! Hope all is well!

  16. The house is gorgeous! Just be sure to check out where neighbor's water runs off/drains? From picture it looks like it could be an issue for your side foundation?


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