Featuring "A Dose of Pretty"

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs: A Dose of Pretty.  Sara has great style and features both interior design and fashion.  Also, they are moving to Peru in a matter of weeks and she shares all of her inspiration for their new house.

One of my favorite posts was when Sara transformed this campaign dresser she found for $35.

Can you believe the difference?

I love her accessories.

Take a trip over to A Dose of Pretty to see the rest of the office transformation 
and more great style from Sara!

If you have a blog or a special post you think I would love send me the link!  

Today is the day we find out about the new house.  Thankfully our estimate from the contractor was less than we thought but now we just wait to hear back from the sellers. Please say your prayers that we get the house! 
I posted a bit late yesterday so if you missed the design board I created for a "big girl room" click here.
I hope you're having a great week!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you Abby for featuring me! You made my day. You are such a sweetheart. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the desk...but love even more how she incorporated those fun fabrics on that chair! I dream of finding a Louis-style chair to makeover with fun colors and fabrics. Off to check out her blog!

  3. I hope all goes well with the house. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. So exciting!

  4. good thoughts & prayers for the new house!!
    thanks for the introduction to a dose of pretty! :) hope you like my new office too!

  5. Good luck with the house!!! Loved Sara's Nama Rococo artwork (no big surprise there;) and her transformation of the dresser was gorgeous.

  6. Oh, she did a great job on the dresser & chair! This is exactly why more wood should be painted! ;) Every house we've owned had dark stained wood. And this one. Though I do like our maple bedroom furniture that I will not paint! So the house you're referring to - is it the same as the pic in your sidebar or a new one? Nan

  7. Sara- you are so welcome!

    Thanks for the support on the house!! I'm still waiting to hear back from the sellers and feeling sick to my stomach!!

    Nan- the house in my sidebar is our current house and we bought a new (to us) house but ran into problems with inspections. You can see a picture if you click on the link from this post. :-)

  8. Abby- Just found your blog via Sara! She has such great taste; her hangout room is one of my favorite posts of hers! I'm excited to start reading your blog as well! New follower! :)

  9. Can't wait to check out Sara's blog! I'll be thinking about you.....hope you hear from the sellers soon!

  10. Absolutely adore Sara, her office is just so fabulous! And lovin' your blog, too...I'm your 160th follower (c: Fingers crossed that everything goes great for your new place!

  11. Love that blog already :) Thanks for letting us know about Sara! Really hope everything works out for you to get your dream house!!

  12. Hope you got the house....and I am searching SO hard for one of those dressers....focused.....

  13. Best of luck, Abby! Thanks fro introducing us to Sara, her office is fantastic - x

  14. Abby, I'm sending positive energy your way!! Good luck, sweetie.


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